Sunday, 13 December 2009

Unrepentant Bliar gives Iraqis the bird

He reckons he was right to invade Iraq and would have done it anyway.

There's a fucking surprise, eh?

But if he's really that confident, why not ship him back to Iraq ... without a fucking military escort.


The Sunday Satire said...

It looks like the only successful regime change resulting from Blair’s invasion into Iraq will be labours removal from Government.

Anonymous said...

How about a compromise?

Kick him out of the plane halfway there (no parachute required - cutbacks), if his god intervenes, that's fine.

That CUNT needs putting on trial.

No wonder he's blurting the truth now, there's an amnesty, it's so it can't be used against him in a subsequent trial.

filosofee said...

Well said 'The Sunday Satire' B'liar's a &%*)%4£#+~ (<---insert your favoutite expletive)

Roger Lloyd said...

These proceedings have revealed just how poorly the Blair government planned their war effort. Now, I've just read this interview with an Iraqi MP in the Telegraph named Ayad Jamal Aldin. He says that Iran was involved in kidnapping Peter Moore. More disturbingly, he accuses the US of collaborating with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard general there and that they know the Iranians will take over when we all leave. If this is already determined, why are we still there? I'm glad some Iraqi politicians at least have the courage to tell the truth about what this so called "coalition of the willing" is really up to