Monday, 14 December 2009

Obo exclusive: Afghanistan shocker

In a world exclusive, I can reveal the next soldier who will die in Afghanistan. I don't know his name, but he's the unfortunate soul on the other end of the Handshake of Doom:


bristolmoose said...

In the footage shown on BBC news last night there was a hilarious bit where GB offered the hand of doom to a soldier who just resolutely carried on saluting, leaving the Reverse Midas standing there with his arm out looking even more of an idiot.

Obviously that soldier is a keen reader of OtC, OH and GF blogs and as a result will be coming home to his family.

Ed P said...

Having fucked up Af'stan, Sadim's* off to Hoaxenhagen, so that's the climate nonsense screwed up too (good).
* Reverse Midas - don't you think it suits him (as it sounds like Saddam or Sad Ignorant Moron))?

Mick Turatian said...

Mmm - that post's in good taste!

Captain Swing said...

Gordon McDoom shook Jenson Buttons hand and was cursed.As a result he was beaten by Ryan Giggs for the sports personality of the year.
Everything he touches turns to shit.

microdave said...

"Everything he touches turns to shit."

He IS going to Hoxenhagen, isn't he?

It would ensure the whole corrupt shambles falls apart.

microdave said...

Seems I was too hasty with my previous post:

Jeff Wood said...

A thing I have noticed about all the publicity pictures of first Blair, then Brown visiting the unfortunate troops:

Not a rifle in sight.

Either the visits are to billets so cushy that the sodgers don't need to protect themselves, or they are disarmed before the Great Leader gets near them.

bristolmoose said...

Probably still waiting for the rifles to be delivered, along with the Chinooks. They probably have to make do with shouting "BANG!" at the enemy. Should be quite good at it as this is apparently how they train.