Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Another in-salt

Yep. Left, right and centre, councils are running out of salt to grit the roads. The all-knowing, all-seeing government has once again been found wanting. The Met Office was promising us a "barbeque winter" a couple of weeks ago, useless fucks. Meanwhile, we all struggle on, paying out of our arseholes for these incompetent fucks to fail to deliver even the most essential services reliably.

I even saw an article claiming that one council had tapped up their local NHS trust to fund road gritting as "preventative medicine". Imagine being that fucked that you have to ask the NHS for fucking money. All the fuckers have been cheerfully ringing the "global warming" bell, and been telling us to fucking forget ever seeing snow again.

I'm amazed the one-eyed cunt of the manse hasn't called for a global "snow summit" to address the pernicious problem of snow, "which started in America". Mentalist, cuntcils and the Met Orifice: I fucking hate your incompetence and I hope you all die miserable, lonely and painful deaths.


Update: Carpsio has his say.

Update 2: Obsidian weighs in.

Update 3: Al Jahom gets there in the end.


Bristol Dave said...


Very heavy snow is predicted for Bristol tonight. A fiver says the council don't (can't?) grit most of the roads here.

Uncle Marvo said...

They ask "do you want salted roads or do you want other services?"

I say "stop pissing the money up the wall, then we'll have both. Please."

Obsidian said...

I have heard rumours (I'd say take it with a pinch of salt, but well...) that gritters have been told to use as little salt as possible.

The aim is to say gritters have been out 24/7, whilst hoping no one realizes the amount of salt used is in the 'chocolate teapot' part of the Usefullness barchart.

So we're all fucked, but the councils get to deflect a lot of the blame and still pick up those large paypackets.

Rob F said...

Salt's very bad for us, though. Suppose that councils stocked up on the stuff, only to have it stolen and then abused by some 11 year-old deprived ragamuffins.

You might as well expect councils to stock up on alcopops, you selfish bastard.

Think of the CHEEELLDREEN!!!

Oldrightie said...

Like all Labour infiltrated organisations the Met Office is jockying for their turn uip their master's arse or a TV job. This crowd of useless prats is soon to be "privatised". So those at the head of the smelling crew of anus wannabees will get the biggest slices of cake (navy?). As for actually doing their job, much too busy fraternising with the climate change lobby in an attempt to be the world leaders in puff.

Pogo said...

I see from reading the paper version of the Torygraph (just been to the dentist - I certainly wouldn't buy it, I don't buy newspapers, I don't like to encourage them) that the head of the Met Office has just been awarded a 25% pay increase - taking him up to £200,000.

Worth every penny, just for the comedy element.

Weston Bay said...

*sighs* This is the same old gripe, year after year. Well as Bristol Dave mentioned there's meant to be significant snowfall around Bristol/NS today but I shall still soldier into work.

And no, the Met Office isn't 'socialist'. Get a grip.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Look, you lot just do NOT get it, do you?

IF local councils are given the money, and go ahead from National "Government" to stock all kinds of anti winter goodies, like salt and snow ploughs, THAT makes the "Government" look like RIGHT cunts (even cuntier than normal) when they try and convince us that if we do not pay 100% more tax, some fucking polar bear is going to float out to sea and die horribly, and some insignificant, who gives a FUCK Island, that no one has ever herard of, but the stupid local twats decided to build on, that is only 1 CM above sea level may dissapear for ever.

Of COURSE they will not prepare for winter. Because "Winter will NOT happen, we are all going to FRRRYYYYY to death instead, cus the scientists we pay to prove it have....well proved it really....HONEST!!!"

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

In Glasgow, they have so much salt and grit they are chucking it all over the streets and pavements.

Anyway, on a more 'tinfoil hat' theme I would say that the powers that be have a hard on because they have the 'power' to control the masses by gritting, or not gritting.

And I bet that the roads and pavements surrounding town halls and council HQ's up and down the land are well gritted.

Anyway, they are indeed cunts. No debate there.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

The councils have run out of cash for basic services and are desperately re-routing the rest of the budget into housing and council tax benefit awarded, which in our borough has been the biggest increase of council tax yet: 40% over the last four years.

So council tax is being used for social engineering by stealth.

Which explains why our roads have not been repaired and I haven't seen the road sweeper outside my office for the last year.

So, until we redress this welfare via council tax problem, it will simply get worse, regardless of party colour.

wv: wringila - "NO, we will not let you go!"