Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Talking Balls

Ed Bollocks causes the most curious reaction in me when he opens his fat, arrogant mouth - I'm not sure whether to punch him, garotte him, flay him and roll him in salt or commit suicide. It's a very strange thing.

I mean, just look at this:

All secondary school pupils in England should have the chance to learn a less familiar language such as Mandarin, says Children's Secretary Ed Balls.

Mandarin has become increasingly popular in schools - with one in seven now teaching the subject.

Making it more widely available is an "aspiration" rather than a pledge - and could mean schools and colleges sharing specialist language teaching staff.

Mr Balls highlighted the economic importance of learning languages.

As well as Mandarin, he pointed to the growing importance of Portuguese for trading with Brazil, Spanish in Argentina and Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia.

Er, Bollocksy, on your fucking watch, language teaching has fallen off a cliff, your fucking soundbite kowtowing notwithstanding. This makes me want to punch him in the mouth.

"In this new decade our ties with emerging economies like China will become even more important and it's vital that young people are equipped with the skills which they need, and British businesses need too, in order to succeed in a rapidly-changing world," he said.

This fucking fatuous inanity after a decade spent destroying education makes me want to fucking garotte him. How about fucking being able to read, write and do fucking maths you CUNT!? Those are fucking skills that British business need too, you don't seem to give a flying fuck about that.

For the most popular languages at GCSE, French and German, take-up declined in England by 45% and 46% respectively between 1997 and 2008.

Mr Cunty Bollocks's fucking endless hypocrisy and smug ignoring of the damage he has personally wrought to British education makes me want to flay him and roll him in salt.

And then I remember that I'm paying for all this shit.

That's when I want to commit suicide.


Furor Teutonicus said...

Interesting that the shite bag sand nigger loving lying cunts at the BBC have "missed out" of the FULL list ARABIC.

Because we all KNOW THAT is who Bollocks and Brtowns gang of nmutualy wanking Parliamentary apes WANT to be in charge.

(It IS part of the list in the Fail, and others today.)

Pogo said...

Half the little shits leave school at 16 incapable of speaking intelligible English fergodsake! What chance for Mandarin - an impossibly difficult language...

Anonymous said...

He obviously chooses to not understand that most of the world learn English...so we don't have to learn their language. English is the language of technology and as long as we live in a technological age that countries wish to succeed in it will be the most acceptable langauge for business.

Anonymous said...

How about learning English in schools? From what I have read Bangladeshi is the most spoken language in some schools except where Somali is. Fuck me you couldn't make it up

JP said...

I thought 1 in 7 people in this country spoke Mandarin anyway. Y'know, as a first language.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Mandarin as a second - or even first language may be no bad thing, once the yellow swine start calling in their markers.

That, Mr Clown, was an excellent post

You eloquent cunt.

The Filthy Engineer said...

The twats that can't even understand English, will never master Mandarin, believe me. It's bloody difficult.

Joe Public said...

No comment, just a very apt wv:-


which as Manuel would confirm, describes Balls to a tee.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I would rather the little buggers learned to speak and write in coherent ENGLISH! Most of them can already speak Arabic/Urdu/Vandaloo/Madras/Gibberish already. Well they do where I work anyway. Come Eid the place looks like the "Marie Celeste" Crew Reunion as the little gits take every day they can changing mosques to suit.

Zoompad said...

Actually, Ed-Millibands -got-no-balls-so-he-can-have-your-kids-instead-Bollocks, the Common Purpose toad who has employed child abusing devils to run the secret family childstealing courts, he's not interested in "diversity", all he cares about is the amount of loot that falles into his wallet.

They've been playing this mad game of double treble crossing with all kinds of people for years, and now it is all falling apart - they're getting found out at last.

The gay community are in a state of panic because Jack Balls and co have invited the Pope to invite the people of this country to kiss his ring. When or rather if Vatican Adolf does arrive, he is not going to get a very nice welcome, as all the people who have been abused by the kid fiddling priests are going to be there to, erm, welcome him.

No-one likes Balls, except for his own Common Purpose cronies. And even they will turn on him like a pack of wolves, as is the law of the jungle.