Thursday, 14 January 2010

Good news, bad news!

Good news: the weather is changing, the snow is due to start melting soon.

Bad news: they're now expecting floods.

Hands up, who thought: "this is all due to global warming"? Please go peel your skin off and roll around on a freshly gritted road, if you can find one.

Hands up, who thought: "Bloody government, bet they're not prepared for this either"? You're probably right, they aren't prepared for this either, but why is it the government's concern to be prepared for stuff? It's because we fucking pay them. And why do we pay them? Because they've assumed the responsibility for everything so that we can pay them well over the odds for everything they've assumed responsibility for.

And haven't they done their sums on this? Because they've bought into the global warming scam so enthusiastically, they thought they didn't need to spend money stockpiling salt. So they spent £12M on salt, the carnage wrought by the snow has caused something like £6,000M worth of damage to the economy, all due to the government's ability to pick winners.

Yesterday we had the edifying spectacle of the nutter with the stutter saying that he was calling a "salt summit" to make things better. His approach to making things better is to punish the councils who did stock enough salt by stealing their salt stocks to help out the incompetents who did not. Curiously, most of the salt seems to be heading to London, so that Trougher Central is not too inconvenienced. Lord Arseboners has decreed that roads must be gritted 50% less, which sounds great until you work out that this means they have to keep regritting because the ice overwhelms the smaller grit covering much more easily.

And with all the settled science and claims that global warming could make the UK's weather colder, what is the latest bit of sci-fi tosh that I see?

Most techniques focus on ways of reducing the sun’s rays by blocking them using mirrors orbiting in space or by spraying sulphur compounds into the high atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from earth.

One proposal is for a fleet of ships that would spray seawater into the sky that would leave behind salt crystals to brighten clouds, reflecting more sunlight back into space.

Now, assuming that any of this crap actually works, what happens if we're wrong? The precautionary principle is fine for warmenists, but what happens if they get it wrong or go too far? How do we get this stuff out of the air if we suddenly find it's all gone Pete? Does the precautionary principle apply to deniers as well? What happens if we do this so the UK stays permanently snow bound but the rest of the world is OK?

I really can't see anything going wrong with geo-engineering Earth, something we've never done before and with no idea of what the actual consequences will be.

No, really, I can't. Those who are promoting these ideas are far wiser than I.


Ed P said...

Quite right - it would be extremely foolhardy to chuck material into the upper atmosphere, only to discover "overshoot" and the hastening of the next ice age. Especially if the material cannot be removed again...
There are good reasons to expect natural phenomena, such as volcanic eruptions, to self-regulate any man-made warming (should that actually turn out to be a problem).

Pavlov's Cat said...

Fucking lunacy. Don't these people realise that sunlight is needed to like, youknow, sustain life on earth?

Living in a perpetual dusk, the next great wheeze of the righteous scifi wizards.

Bristol Dave said...

Now, assuming that any of this crap actually works, what happens if we're wrong?

This is the issue I've had with most Climate Change alarmism for a while now. How do we know if making vast cutbacks on CO2 emissions has made a difference, and what do we do if it doesn't? Try and cut back further?

There should always be tests in place to make sure what you're doing is having a quantifiable effect. This doesn't seem to happen when it comes to ecomentalism, almost as if it's too important, and the disaster is too imminent, to worry about whether the proposed solution will actually work or not.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Obo, please note that our gummint LIKES it when places flood. That way they can say "Look what happens when we have climate change!"

Of course, flooding is caused by lousy town planning, not dredging rivers properly or maintaining sea walls properly, different topic.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Obo, please note that our gummint LIKES it when places flood. That way they can say "Look what happens when we have climate change!""

Oh sure. The thing that fucks me off is that people don't ask them why they're not fucking preparing for it then?

Anonymous said...

By the time the snow had melted here in Dundee it was snowing again

John R said...

I think you need to up the dosage, I definitely spotted "government" and "prepared" in the same sentence.

Mitch said...

The fuckers also like suffering cos it looks good on TV when they hand them their tax money back to fix stuff they should have prevented with said money..........Cunts!!

Anonymous said...

The snow is far from over, according to WeatherAction (Piers Corbyn). Also we are due for potentially damaging storms in southern England Sunday/Mondayish, says he. Stock up on candles, camping gas and soup, and you'd better superglue the wig.

JMT said...

"spraying sulphur compounds "

the mongs told us that the sulphur in diesel and petrol was causing acid rain.

Fuel prices were rounded up accordingly.

Now it looks like:

-acid rain was a tax raising con.
-sulphur in fuel was preventing Global warming.
-Global Warming is caused by anenviromentalists' wishes.