Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Some things are just entirely beyond me

Like this, for example.

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Sperm Lewis said...

O/T, The number of MPs with a technical background can be counted on the fingers of a mutilated hand.


Standing Committee of the Chinese Politburo by academic background

Hu Jintao (Hydraulic engineering)
Wu Bangguo (Electron tube engineering)
Wen Jiabao (Geology)
Jia Qinglin (Engineering)
Li Changchun (Electrical engineering)
Xi Jinping (Chemical engineering)
Li Keqiang (Law)
He Guoqiang (Chemistry)
Zhou Yongkang Petroleum (Engineering)

Cabinet of the Old C*ntry by academic background

Gordon Brown (History)
Harriet Harman (Politics)
Lord Mandelson (PPE)
Jack Straw (Law)
Alan Johnson (postal worker)
Alastair Darling (Law)
David Miliband (PPE)
Hilary Benn (Russian)
Ed Miliband (PPE)
Ed Balls (PPE)
Andy Burnham (English)

… more of the same from the rest of the lickspittles, lackeys and running dogs. The decadent West has already lost.