Saturday, 6 February 2010

Christ on a trough

Jesus H. Christ.

Tip of the clown wig to Anna Raccoon.


John R said...

Good, isnt he?

Just the sort of fine upstanding chap we need to represent us in Parliament.

(I think I've got I've got a length of strong, hemp rope around the place somewhere)

opsimath said...

This idiot couldn't find his own arse using both hands - NuLiebour numptie crook.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Not only is he a thieving bastard, he's a thick bastard to boot. This is what's been ruling us. Fuck me!

bayard said...

@ DL That's party politics: the party chooses a thick thieving bastard and we vote for the party.

Blind Pugh said...

Jesus fucking wept, how do cretins like this slip under the radar? Surely to fuck some journalist tripped over this dullard one day and wondered "how the fuck did you get to be an MP when you're obviously brain dead?". Why has no cunt seen fit to tell us that the Houses of Parliament are full of autistic crud?

Hugh said...

Blind Pugh, have you never wondered why no matter how long a phase you choose it's the same faces who are the party figureheads?

The tories still have Redwood as a main guy. He was last relevant nearly 20 years ago.

MP's are all useless scumbags. Simply the local rep to ensure the ruling party has what is called a working majority.

The really scary part is that the cabinet of the day is what it is. Miliband, Balls, Blah? They are the chosen ones.

Did you not see Gorbals Mick in the speakers chair as proof that the vast majority of MP's are just apparatchicks?

Fuck it, I'm gonna start my own general blog, most commenters seem to be surprised at this video.

Anonymous said...

Painful to watch

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

He's as thick as pigshit isn't he? I struggle to watch the whole thing as my rage gets the better of me.

He's got one advantage over the other four though - being an ex Phsychiatric [sp?] nurse he's well used to plastic cutlery and crockery, and if there is a god he'll be using them again before too long.

He, Morley and Chayter weren't exactly flavour of the month - I just wonder whether they are the sacrificial lambs (along with Hanningfield)so that the rest of the theiving cunts get away with it?