Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Damn your eyes, Peter Hitchens

Once again, he is spot on:

Then there's the other thing. These revelations, if they have any political effect at all, will damage Labour and help the Tories. Yet the journalist involved, Andrew Rawnsley, is famously sympathetic to New Labour. If you wanted confirmation of my contention - that David Cameron's Tories are the reincarnation of Blairism - you couldn't ask for a clearer one.


Vladimir said...

Whatever else anyone might think about Hitchens, he's been consistently right about the Tories - basically predicted the "Cast Iron" incident years in advance. A Cameron win means that nothing will change, and Labour will be back in a few years to carry on as if nothing happened.

So this is a great place to remind you all... no matter what happens, no matter the temptation, Don't Vote Tory.

john miller said...

I've been banned from coffee House and I often wonder what did the trick.

It was shortly after the comment that the reason the gap in the polls was narrowing was that we were being asked to choose between Brown and Blair and Blair.