Monday, 1 February 2010

Ed Milivanilli

In this context, Miliband’s comments are extraordinary. His intellectual complacency is irritating, his sanctimony nauseating and his hypocrisy palpable.

In this context, and in every other. Seriously, what the cunting fuck did anyone think this fucking dickhead was going to say when the run was pulled out from under his twattish feet?


Weston Bay said...

Well if Miliband wants war then I'm all up for tit. I'd like nothing better than to get the whole climate change debate out in the open, gloves off, no holds barred.

Weston Bay said...

Oops I should have said it not tit. Don't ask what I was thinking about there ;)

Joe Public said...

Mili Jnr knows a damn sight less about the science of Global Warming than that world-renowned professor at UEA. And the latter had to fiddle the figures 'cos he knew the data didn't prove it was happening, so where does that leave Jnr?

OldSlaughter said...

And 'rug' not 'run'.

The world is so often like this. Jeff Buckley dead at 30 yet this cunt will probably see retirement.


John R said...

If he wants war, he can have it.

For the first attack we should borrow his brother's banana and insert it where the Sun doesn't shine.