Monday, 1 February 2010

Could we salami-slice our liberties back?

Could there be a prospect of using Fabian techniques to get our liberties back? It's an interesting thought, but I can't see it working.


bella gerens said...

I reckon we could use Gramscian ones though.

Vladimir said...

I'd agree, because when we speak of liberty, we say exactly what we mean and exactly what it would entail. We say what the end goal is. This is a weakness that the Fabians do not share, because in Fabianism there are no well-defined principles. The stated goals are fuzzy notions of "progress" which encompass different things at different points in history, depending on what is fashionable.

This makes it hard for outsiders to attack the Fabian project, because all goals are deniable, and it is easy to drive the project forward, because supporters assume that the project's goals align with their own. I can't see how these properties would transfer to a genuinely conservative movement.

John R said...

I dont think you can ever gain freedom in salami slices, you can only lose it that way - as we have done.

Freedom is gained or restored in large, bloody chunks through revolt and revolution. The soviet block didnt fall apart tiny bit by tiny bit, the citizens just said "enough" and took back what had been stolen.

I think unless we do something "dramatic" to regain the freedoms the left has stolen (and put the thieves on notice we wont permit it to happen again) we will just continue down the slope at an ever increasing rate.