Thursday, 4 February 2010

Holy fuck!

This is pretty frightening stuff:

It's not every day that I read something in the newspaper that literally makes my jaw drop, but the Independent has certainly managed to do it this morning:

Britain's armed forces could be used on a regular basis on the streets of Britain to confront the threat of terrorism, under the terms of a strategic defence review announced yesterday.

I beg your pardon? What threat of terrorism would that be? Despite the government's most vigorous efforts to frighten us to death, I hardly feel like I am living in a society under regular threat from terrorism. And even if I were, I'm not sure that having a large number of uniformed, armed men wandering around with completely uncontrolled authority would be any better. The purpose of the military is defence of the realm, and we are under no threat that justifies them wandering around our streets!

And if that didn't put the willies up you, try this:

Stronger, more effective partnership with other Whitehall departments, the intelligence agencies, police forces and others at the national level will become even more important to achieving our security objective.

In other words, the military will become integrated into a bureaucratic monster along with all the government departments, increasingly politicised spooks and the very politicised police, all acting at the behest of our political masters. If that doesn't frighten you to death, then you probably are already dead.

In reading the article, it seems that no-one is in the slightest bit perturbed about this: not the Tories, not the LibDems, not even the Independent's journalists! Am I alone in viewing this astonishing bit of news as a rather worrying development? The Times and the Telegraph aren't even covering the story (yet) and the Guardian hasn't even mentioned this little wrinkle in its rather bland coverage.

Are we really blithely sleep-walking into the genesis of a fascist panopticon Britain? We already have more CCTV than anywhere else in the world, and ANPR cameras to keep track of our cars' movements. Loyalty cards and credit cards can be used to track all our purchases and the data will be happily provided to the government if "the national interest" is invoked. Your next passport will cause you to be registered into the National ID database. If you add a military integrated into the Whitehall "machine" along with the police and the spies, we really will be in a frightening place.

I'm not surprised that the authoritarian Tories or the useless Limp Dumbs have nothing to say about the prospect of the military presence on the streets of Britain, and I suppose you could argue that the Indy have done their job by highlighting this aspect of the SDR.

But fucking hell: military patrols on the streets of Britain? What the fucking hell is that all about? Why the fuck is Labour so keen to big up the boogeyman of terrorism?

Anyway, it simply highlights the need to vote for someone, ANYONE other than the "big three" parties. They're all pretty cool with this kind of machine, because they can insulate the party faithful from the worst of the excesses. We really need to stop them from this kind of bullshit and the only way we can do that is to keep their hands off the levers of power.

We need to remind these utter cunts that they are supposed to work for us. It's not "our turn this time, your turn next time."

Fuck them. Vote LPUK, vote for an independent, or vote for some other minority party. Don't waste your vote on LibLabCon, the fuckers will only use it as an excuse to buttfuck you some more.


Mark Hendy said...

When I was growing up terrorism was rare but far more common than it is today. The treat then was the IRA who would, with boring regularity phone Scotland Yard with a yarn about a bomb dumped somewhere most times within the London area. Most of these were empty threats designed to disrupt business and strike fear into people but occasionally they actually would detonate a bomb and on occasion people would die. We were encouraged by the government of the day, and in my case by my own parents to take this threat and stare it down by going about business as usual. My Mother used to say "if we change what we do because of these thugs we allow them to win" She was of course right.

So why then with visibly less actual terrorism activity today than back in the 70's in the streets of the UK do we have the hysteria we do. Why do the government insist that we should all be carrying ID cards, that we should surrender our personal dignity to pat downs and stop and search because of this oh so scary terror threat. Why must we have armed police and if the report above it to be believed armed soldiers roaming the streets of "Great" Britain?

I'm cynical, but I don't believe the real motivator here is terrorism or even a desire by the state to "Protect" us. I'm concerned that this is about a state that wants to control us, by fear, by threat, to do as they see fit, because they know best, to surrender the fruit of our effort to the state purse, because they know best, to not have thoughts contrary to the state approved thoughts, because they know best.

What we have here, is what our grand and great grandparents fought to protect us from. Fascism.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

I'd like to think British soldiers would draw the line at shooting British subjects. But on the other hand, many of them have spent a tour in Trashcanistan being shot at by irate piggy-fiddlers, and they'd be unable to tell the difference between that and parts of modern Britain.

Joe Public said...

Don't worry Obo, Gordon's already implied he hasn't got the Budget to do this.

Lexander said...

I'm glad I've hung on to the "blaster" - a 30 year old pump 12 bore. Sounds like it could be in use again - or should I get an up to date sniper rifle? Toodle bloody pip.

I am Stan said...

Bloody Sunday anyone?

Old Holborn said...

Remember to keep a stack of cash in the car for the numerous "roadside" checks the Army and Police will be doing. Think "Nigeria"

IanPJ said...

When I wrote about this in March last year I was called a conspiracy nut.

Time always proves whether the conspiracy is true or not.

But note, both Labour and Tories are implementing this policy plan, so MoD only doing as they are told.

Oleuanna said...

No chance! When has Britain not been at war with someone? They will be too busy fighting umm? What's left with oil? Alaska?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Clown

The police have been morphed from public servants prosecuting criminals into agents of the state enforcing state 'policy' upon the public very much in the continental style.

Our armed forces are now being drawn into that role.

During the 'Troubles' in the 70's the more cynical students at my local university were of the opinion that North Ireland was a training ground for the army for future use on the mainland.

Perhaps the future starts about now; certainly the Olympics would seem like a jolly good excuse to go for 'enhanced security', aided by those nice gentlemen at the European Gendarmerie Force (, which for some reason won't go away when the games are over.

"I have lived in your future" Vladimir Bukovsky


bayard said...

In Germany in the 1930s, they had a (National) Socialist government, just like we have now.....

Mitch said...

This shit has been tried all over the world and it always ends badly, civil war,rioting,politicians swinging from street lights.
Why do these turds think it will end any differently?

Anonymous said...

This may or may not have any relevence (sp?) and, quite frankly may not even be true, so I post it purely for interest's sake.

The story goes that the U.S. has between three and five thousand Chinese troops for "training purposes" as well as between five an eight thousand Russian troops.

I try to keep up with this sort of nonsense because it interests me as a possible theme for a screenplay or novel plot, but, as I say, this is a persistant rumour.

what is fact, however, is that the US department of Homeland Security ordered 200,000,000 rounds of .40 cal pistol ammunition, delivery beginning later in 2010. Why would a US security department need two hundred million rounds of ammunition?

Most of this, plus a whacking order for Glock pistols in the same calibre is going to the Environmental Protection Agency. An agency notorious for its arrogance and high-handedness.

Source here:-

Demented Greenies with guns?

Be very, very afraid, America.


sound money man said...

I've also covered this story on the Northwest LPUK blog.

The troops are there to keep our political class safe from us ;-)