Monday, 22 February 2010

Peering through the Tory veil

So, the public has spoken and they don't fancy Dave all that much after all. His poll lead has slipped to 6% as people look at what he's offering and are starting to decide that if they're going to get the same old shit, they may as well get it from the old colostomy bag.

If you look at the Tory party, you see a curious dichotomy: their policies preach "localism" and "choice" and devolved power, but the leadership of the Tory party is the ne plus ultra of highly centralised control. DING is going to be another Blair, with his "sofa cabinet" meetings where a tiny coterie of loyalists will make all the decisions and the rest of his party will just be lobby fodder. It will be the same as what Gordon offers, possibly with less violence and insanity, but DING isn't offering any kind of alternative.

So why would you vote for him?


Captain Ranty said...
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Captain Ranty said...

Why indeed.

I have yet to see any evidence that they will not simply send in the clones.

EU-same same.

CCTV-same same.

Smoking ban-same same.

Economy-same same.

Taxes-same same.

Policing-same same.

Afghanistan-same same.

Banking-same same.

NHS-same same.

This is a change of tie colour. Nothing else will change. We need someone with new ideas.

LibLabCon just isn't working.


Ross said...

The Tory poll ratings have not fallen by much, maybe a couple of % points. The gap is closing because Labour have moved from the high 20s to the low 30s.

Cameron is a centralising control freak but that isn't why their lead has narrowed.

Barnsley Bill said...

Simple. He is the only chance that you lot have to be rid of the fucking ape who stole the top job.

Jeff Wood said...

It would be remarkable if the Conservatives failed to defeat the worst British government in two centuries (at least).

Or maybe it would be infinitely depressing, whatever one's view of the present Tories.

Constantly Furious said...

"So why would you vote for him?"

Purely because he is, thanks to our current political and electoral set-up, quite literally the only person who can replace Gordo' as PM.

We can witter all we like about change, revolution and reform, but it's all a bit late for the coming election.

Basically, if DING doesn't become PM this year, we'll have Gordo' until 2015.

It's a fucker, innit?


Leg-iron said...

I won't vote for him under any circumstances.

Especially after reading his latest idea for programming bank computers to steal money. Anything going into the account will get taxed. Lottery wins, that fiver from Granny at Christmas, all of it.

He's continuing the Labour mission. A future fucked for all.

Anonymous said...

There will no-one and nothing to vote for this year.

But plenty of people, policies and ideas to vote against.

I'm afraid that's as good as it's going to get.

I'm happy to join those who'll spoil his ballot paper by wriring CUNTS on it in red marker.

microdave said...


John Pickworth said...

I'm not voting for him.

I seriously want the whole lot to topple in on itself. We need to start again and if that means allowing the crazies to fuck up the country completely then so be it!

A Labour win will be the death of them. They won't survive another term. And hopefully a shock defeat for the Tories will prompt them to come up with a proper leader and some policies that sets this country back on the path to lasting prosperity.

Call me misguided but its what I believe.