Thursday, 11 February 2010

RIP Charlie Wilson

Definitely one to watch if you haven't seen it already. I'll be raising a glass in his honour tonight.


Plato said...

The book is even better - in fact a mile better.

What a dude.

Anonymous said...

Good fucking riddance helped the CIA to have covert operations in Afghansitan to get rid of the Russians helped the oh so progressive Taliban. You fucking moron should leave the cunt to be eaten as carrion and where are you taking the wife and kids for a holiday Kabul? If so while you are there read the politics of heroin in SE Asia by Dr Alfred McCoy let you know a bit more about your heros the CIA Christ you really are a cunt

Mitch said...

OOOOh er get the anonymong!! whats up chump cant people have opinions you don't like?
Check the refund policy and do one.

Because we're young said...

Anonydouche you chump, at least do a tiny bit of reading before you start ranting. Charlie Wilson tried desperately to convince the US to keep funding Afghanistan, to avoid precisely the situation we have today, which he pretty much saw coming. If YOU like communism so much YOU can fuck off to Cuba or North Korea dillweed.

Also, for fuck's sake learn how to write, bit of punkshuashon never went amiss either.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Charlie Wilson - from, ummm.....THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS ! ! !

(Y'all come see us sometime. We'll throw a cow on the grill for you.)

Anonymous said...

If YOU like communism so much YOU can fuck off to Cuba or North Korea dillweed." It always amazes me how anyone can be so stupid with just the one head but you do it so well fuckwit. have you ever been further than cost a packet for 2 weeks with the wife and your kids (well hopefully they are yours)? If as I reckon you have not try it and see what the great USA has done around the planet fucking moron