Monday, 15 February 2010

The six million dollar men

I see that the custodes have been appointed, and people are already asking who's going to custodiet them.

Meanwhile, the Lords have not only been told they can keep on troughing, but they've practically been chastised for not troughing enough:

Not only did he clear offenders, in an attempting to clarify the rules Pownall has made things worse. The Peers now just have to spend one night a month, while the House is sitting, at whatever location they choose to state as their “main home”, be it their own, a spouse’s home or even a relative’s place.

In other words a Member of the House of Lords can now make up to £30,000-a-year by spending ten days a year at a residence, of their own designation, outside of London. (One night per sitting month and £174 overnight allowances the rest of the time.) Yet again it really is “all within the rules”.

With cocktarded fuckmonkeys like this making the rules and "holding" our rulers "to account", is it any surprise that this fucking fiasco is not going to ever go away? We are paying six million pounds for these cunts to have oversight of their expenses. SIX MILLION POUNDS! To look after the expenses of 646 people!

I just cannot see this as anything other than another nice little bit of government patronage. How do you get appointed to this little gig? Well, MPs put you in the frame. In exchange for a generous salary and perks package (and they are pretty fucking generous pay and perks packages) you have to vet the people who got you the job. Seriously, I can't see anything going wrong there, can you?

646 people means it's a pretty small "small-to-medium" sized business out in the real world. Any small business that employed 646 people would probably get sunk by having to spend £6,000,000 just to administer expenses. It's fucking ludicrous, really.

I'm bloody sure that any of the outsourcing companies (EDS, Crapita, IBM, Fujitsu, etc.) could happily pick up the management of 646 sets of expense claims for a tenth of the price. Hell, I tell you what: I'll make the commons an offer they can't refuse - I will pick up the job of administering MP's expenses for a piffling £250,000 a year. I'll pick up the Lords for the same again.

And I fucking promise that there will never be another expenses scandal.


Anonymous said...

£250,000 a year sounds a bit pricey.

1000 12ga should be £200-£250.


Umbongo said...

"And I fucking promise that there will never be another expenses scandal."

But that's the problem for our rulers isn't it. As you imply, for £6 million p.a. you get a collection of dildos who are on a gravy train for the rest of their careers as long as they keep their nose clean with the people they're there to police.

John R said...

Obo, good offer but you'll never get the job.

Why would the troughers want an honest man overseeing them?

Anyway, as the only honest guy in either house, you'd be very lonely.

nbc said...

Yes he'd be lonely but he could always amuse himself in the stationery cupboard.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

You could take on a secretary, a cleaner, a tea lady...Edwina Curry...

John R said...

...a fivesome....he'll need more biros