Tuesday, 16 March 2010

An astonishing lack of self-awareness

I've only just noticed this:

This is the LibDem election slogan...

‘Change That Works For You. Building A Fairer Britain’.

See what they've done there? Combined the Tory and Labour election slogans into one. Isn't that what people hate about politics currently? No originality, and all three parties eating off the same electoral carcass.

-- Iain Dale (!!!)


Mark Wadsworth said...

Well spotted. But why do you read Iain Dale?

Guthrum said...

Keep up!

Steve Antony Williams said...

Astonishingly the LibDems can't see what the people really want. "Change" costs money, well "new" change does. What the people want is twofold:

1) A government that does what the populace that voted for it wants them to do. Whether that's quit the EU, ban dogs or shoot every first born son. The government is supposed to serve the itnerests of the people who voted for them.

2) No "change", just fix what's broke in the eyes of the people who voted for you. So if the people want something banned then ban it but don't "assume" you know what's best for us without proper consultation at the very very least.

PS proper consultation means REAL PEOPLE from a varied sample not 2 female MPs popping round to the Dog and Duck in Camden for a chinwag with the local loony liberal treehuggers.

Anonymous said...


Direct crib from some failed North American politician. Don't our f***ing politicians have an original thought between them?

OK, redundant question.

Perhaps a case can be made for change, but in a reverse direction.