Thursday, 11 March 2010

Dear government ...

... can you please help yourselves to a large mug of SHUT THE FUCKING FUCK UP YOU FUCKING CUNTS?

Christ, I fucking hate advert breaks at the best of fucking times, but lately every second fucking advert seems to be some government-funded hectoring, nannying, bullying fucking bossiness.

More than two beers will kill you. Don't smoke. Fit for life. Exercise more. Drive slower. Eat healthy. Don't fuck without contraceptives.

Look you fucking cunts, none of it is fucking working and I'm fucking tired of watching my tax money being spent on fucking propaganda and brainwashing.


Stop fucking spunking our money at coke-sniffing TV executives.

You profligate, bullying fucktards.


paulo said...


I am sick and fed up of shouting at the TV and especially the radio while some fucking moron berates me about life.

none of the GUV'S business and we can't afford it.

Fucking pack it in!!!!


BTS said...

I hope you printed that out and posted it special delivery to No. 10 so that some cunt has to sign for it.

Any chance that you attached it to an excessively large and rather amusingly shaped marrow along with some instructions for the use of said vegetable..?

Martin Juno said...

Where do I have to sign?

J Demetriou said...

I feel this every day.

I'm sick of it and it makes me dangerously angry towards authority.

Kingbingo said...

In other news Obnoxio is voting Labour.

Good luck having a vote ever again if they stay in.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Waste of a marrow. I mean, would they know what to do with one?

cuntface said...

KINGBINGO has a point. another way of saying the same point would be 'obnoxio is a fucking cunt'. i agree with him.

good point about the advertising though. that woman having a stroke in the middle of my comedy is not helping me chill. fucking cunts!

BTS said...

I did mention instructions for a reason..

Uncle Marvo said...

Stop beating about the bush. Give it to them straight. Up. Thick end first.

Wasp said...

The government ads are now playing all the time on co-op in-store radio now as well. Condom ads overheard at the cold meat counter today reminded me of morticians privilege for some reason.

Kingbingo said...

"KINGBINGO has a point. another way of saying the same point would be 'obnoxio is a fucking cunt'. i agree with him."

No actually he is quite brilliant.

But on the voting thing he just chased his tail up his own arse. Voting labour is never excusable. Ever.

cuntface said...

kingbongo, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!

obnoxio, dig the lessie fest on question time... all women, and what a bunch of cunts they are!

I hope they do an all male question time, or an all white question time. or a 'no gays' question time. that'll be fun.

FROSTY said...

And your about to vote for more of it?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Frosty, do you *really* think iDave's lot will be any different?

BigGibb said...


Has anyone seen this party political broadcast on TV yet?

Kingbingo said...

Yes Obnoxio, iDaves lot will be a hell of a lot better.

Not perfect, not nearly, indeed they will have massive failings, they will fail to trim the state enough.

But 'better'? by a country fucking mile and then some sir.

carbchick said...

Yesterday I had to LEAVE the fucking GYM because I just could not stand one more piece of government earache over the fucking radio.

At least at home I can censor their cuntishness. said...

This has been winding me up more than anything else lately.

At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, did you see the video I made on the topic :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Obo on this. I hope Labour win. Let them pay the price for their scorched earth policies. I hope it all goes tits up. Its the only was the state will be dismantled. Fuck the civil servants, fuck their hectoring and nannying,fuck their gold plated pensions and fuck the welfare state. Maybe then we have a starting point.

King Athelstan said...

Has been a bit of a problem for Me for some time now, I cant listen to independant radio stations any more. Makes Me want to get pissed and high and have unprotected group sex whilst driving a car.

Anonymous said...

Try listening (if you weren't) to Kerrang.

The advert breaks there are (seemingly) entirely sponsored by the gummint, and appear to see the entire listening demographic in a poor light.....

For example, we typically have, in one single ad break :

a) Child Support (after a split)
b) Hep C testing (if you've injected drugs)
c) Chlamydia testing (if you've had unprotected sex)
d) Car tax (in case you're overdue)
e) Report "suspicious activity" (aka terrorism)
f) Give up smoking, presumably they assume all the angsty teens listening to Kerrang will be drug using, unprotected sex having (and therefore possible single parents), smoking, car tax dodging people who live near terrorists? (as the station is based in Birmingham)

The only upside is that Mercedes advertise their new cars there for "business use" - which kind of flies in the face of the above?