Friday, 26 March 2010

Google stats question

I can't understand how "Absolute Uniques" works. I run my stats from the 1st of the month to "today". Yesterday I had over N thousand AUVs, today I have fewer than N thousand AUVs. I could see how it might not increase, but how can it decrease?

Anyone know?


Uncle Marvo said...

Is it because you keep posting shit?

rightofcentre said...

Perhaps Firefox users have add ons like Ghostery and Adblock+, which block Google Analytics and Sitemeter etc.

Anonymous said...

Because Google Stats is a cunt?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Maybe you had a negative number of visits?

Ray said...

OK, first of all I don't use Google analytics, refuse to touch it for all sorts of reasons far too long for a comment (I use Awstats on Joomla sites and that or StatPress on Wordpress sites).

Having said that I have looked at some webmaster forums I frequent for others who do use Google analytics, and depending on your settings sometimes the Absolute Uniques is actually an extrapolated number 'guessing' the whole month based on the (in your case from what you said) the month to date.

But since you appear to know your arse from your elbow webwise it probably isn't that. But if it is a drop off in uniques during the month would cause the effect you see.