Sunday, 28 March 2010

Gordon's great achievement!

Timmy at the ASI:

Brown's great achievement therefore was to test that tax and spend model to destruction.

Can we all agree that it hasn't worked and can we please try some other fucking thing now?


Falco said...

No. We've never really tried tax and spend, how dare you claim that any negative consequences of following the tax and spend model have anything to do with tax and spend. You Daily Mail reading NAZI!!!!!


If millions of people dying every time it's tried cannot convince people that socialist states are a bad idea then, sadly, I doubt this will get much traction.

Mitch said...

Achievement maybe ...great no way.

Private Widdle said...

His second greatest achievment was not getting his fucking head kicked in when he gatecrashed parties with his "four empties and a brick in a carrier bag" stunt. The fucking tight-arsed porridge-wog cunt.

ukipwebmaster said...

Vote for us!