Monday, 22 March 2010

Liar, liar, pants on Byers

I first read about this atrocity on Anna Raccoon, so a tip of the old wig-aroonie to her:

Stephen Byers, former trade and transport secretary, was secretly recorded offering himself “like a sort of cab for hire” for up £5,000 a day. He also suggested bringing Tony Blair to meet clients.

You might expect the Labour whips to be horrified at this evidence of the corruption at the heart of Nu-Labour, no chance!

After conferring with the whips, his ‘friends’ came out with this statement.

“he had effectively lied throughout his meeting.”

A Labour source said last night: There is no suggestion that they have broken the rules in any way, and they would rebut any such suggestion.

“There is no suggestion that they have broken the rules in any way……” if lying in order to earn extra money from your position as an ex-Minister is not against the rules, then it should be.

Quite so.

And really, doesn't this sort of shit for ever and ever undo the cunto di tutti cunti's assertion that New Labour would be "whiter than white"? Is this not exactly the same shit that we saw from the Tories just before their complete implosion?

I can really only imagine that the only reason the Tories aren't miles ahead in the polls is that people remember that they were exactly the same. And if you think the LimpDumbs are going to be any different, you're sadly mistaken.

It's time to reject all three the main parties resoundingly at the polls.

They are all cunts.


CozyP said...

Well said.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Heh, "cunto di tutti cunti"

I like that.

I trust that you'll be one of the now 1500+ to have signed Guido's petition then?