Monday, 22 March 2010

Somewhat missing the point?

Lord, but the BBC is useless:

If you want to know what happens to criminals - look at the graph above. And it's the sudden sharp upward line during the 1990s that explains one of the major challenges for the current government - and whoever walks into the Ministry of Justice after the general election.

You don't think it might just possibly be a case of New Labour's thousands of new laws that we can now break without knowing they exist that might have something to do with it? Or its policy of persecuting with such extraordinary vigour "crimes" against the fascist state while ignoring crimes against the person?

Or does that not fit into left-wing narrative, you utter cunts?

Update: a couple of points I should have made:

  • The population of the UK has only gone up by around 50% since 1940, so crime has gone up a lot more than population growth.
  • I have very little doubt that at least some of the crime escalation that has taken place under New Labour has something to do with the reckless immigration that they have encouraged.


James Burdett said...

Also this is the absolute number of prisoners, not the prison population as a percentage of total population. That might show a rather different story, especially if it also showed prison capacity as a percentage of population.

Cynical Bloke said...

50% increase in population since 1940 eh?

How much of that is down to unnecessary immigration, and of how much of that unnecessary immigration contributed to the increase in criminality?


nbc said...


Your "BBC is useless" link returns a 404.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Thanks, fixed!

microdave said...

Looks like another bloody "hockey stick" graph to me.

Mann made Global Warming causes increased crime....

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Clown

The graph shows a jump of about 20k between 1993 and 1998, a slight dip over two years followed by a similar jump between 2000 and 2008.

An examination of the reasons for the two rises and the 2 year hiatus between might be revealing.

Any analysts out there?


Anonymous said...

Very interesting graph, that. WW1 marked the trough for crime, WW2 the start of an inexorable rise. Cause or coincidence? If cause, why? The recent steep rise in the prison population started under Michael Howard. He was - it has been said - goaded into "prison works" by Tony Blair's "tough on crime etc.".

Oleuanna said...

I thought I was going to have a row about immigration...but I am not armed with any facts on the matter..and it seems neither are you circumstantial evidence is far from conclusive.

There is a residual population in prison and they are there because of lack of care. There is a system that prisoners must conform to in order to be released. Some of these prisoners don't ahere to this because of mental health or disability..I feel this effects any percentage as they have no reason to still be kept there.

The police have to adhere to white papers as does most public sector. They have to hit targets...I think this accounts for the somewhat iffy peak. Not sure why we have to run to the immigrants first?

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

The figures mean fuck-all if you'll excuse my bluntness, what's interesting is the timing of this "revelation" so close to an election.

Yes, the Beeb are useless. Useless, spineless NuLabour puppets. We're all supposed to believe that they have "cracked" crime from this graph and the winding down of early release are we?

What a shower.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Not sure why we have to run to the immigrants first?"

I didn't, cretin. I ran to the thousands of new laws with victimless "crimes" first.

But it seems to interesting to me that the sudden uptick in jail time coincides so neatly with New Labour's open borders policy.

Anonymous said...

Also, bear in mind that we have "quite a few" more crimes available for prosecution now, than we did 13 years ago - so it may also be that whilst it appears we have more criminals, we do have more things available to charge people with, and therefore will (by proxy) gain more criminals.