Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I rarely agree with the Eventard, but he's spot on here:

But, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it’s going to happen. Mandelson & Co have just been kicking the ball around within the centre circle in this pre-election period. There is no need for the “underdog” to peak early. Why should Labour make the running while the Tories keep exposing themselves with their muddled thinking?

Soon the phoney war will end and the deadly game of winning the election will begin. What the campaign will need is a game-changing moment that will inspire and engage the voters. The party that can provide this will win the election, no matter what the polls say at the present time.

The utterly useless, vacuous Tories haven't got a fucking story to tell that anyone wants to hear. I can't believe that they haven't worked out that the cuntry is fucking sick of Labour, of nannying, of taxes, of bansturbation ...

They could totally their chances everything by returning to small-state conservatism, but iDave has made it quite clear that he doesn't believe in that. This is all going to come down to a decision between two sets of appalling, amoral, unprincipled, mendacious cunts.

Fuck 'em. I really, really want them both to lose.


Anonymous said...

You want them both to lose? Are you mellowing?

I want them both to be eviscerated, with a sandblaster loaded with rocksalt.

John R said...

I want them both to lose as well - but then what are we left with? We're already at the very bottom of the barrel!

Maybe we should go for the Belgian solution and not bother with a government. Didnt seem to do them any harm.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

John R: exactly how libertarians want it to be.

Anonymous said...

'Bansturbation' what a fucking corker Obo!, next stop urbandictionary.com
PS, starting to become a regular visitor; splean-venting by proxy!
Thanks for the insights, links & larfs!


Anonymous said...

bansturbation - the act of banning oneself (if only they were/would).

Try banaticism, from banatics, people who love banning.