Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Death by a thousand cuts*

I was faced with one of life's egregious little cunteries a couple of days ago. I can't even remember what it was. I remember it offended my libertarian sensitivities and I thought, "I'd like to tear that down. I'd like to hound those fuckers into the grave."

And then I thought, if I did this, what would it gain me? As it turned out, it would have been about 20 or 30 quid a year. It would have saved every other taxpayer in the country 20 or 30 quid as well, but the mere thought of trying to convince them all to spend 20 minutes for that money was too horrifying for words, especially because 90% of them would probably have wondered why I was advocating strangling kittens or something.

So I just gave up. It wasn't worth it to me. It would have been worth 600 or 900 million quid to the country as a whole, the thick end of a billion quid ripped out of the hands of feckless, unaccountable bastards and firmly wedged back into our own wallets for beer or fags or drugs or whatever.

But the problem is this: there are only about 1500 feckless, unaccountable bastards using that 600 or 900 million quid. These are 1500 people who already work for the same organisation, who are all lorded over by the same fuckwit, who have a very good reason to ensure that awkward bastards like me don't just piss all over their budget. It's much easier to mobilise 1,500 ignorant fucks than it is to mobilise 32,000,000 ignorant fucks. And those 1,500 ignorant fucks have their jobs on the line. So of course, they're going to fight like motherfuckers. Whereas the rest of us, well, we're fighting for 20 or 30 quid. How hard would you fight for 20 or 30 quid? I probably wouldn't fight at all.

Even though "society" would benefit hugely overall from having 1,500 fewer interfering, hectoring, nannying arsebandits sticking their fucking noses into some aspect of our lives, never mind the aggregated benefit of depriving the grasping state of the thick end of a billion quid and never mind the aggregated benefit of us spending the thick end of a billion quid on something that we really want, rather than "inclusive diversity outreach co-ordinators", I just couldn't be bothered, because at the end of the day, it's 20 or 30 quid.

That's the problem that we're faced with: hundreds or thousands of 10 quid, 20 quid, 30 quid irritations. They're petty irritations to you, there's too many of them and no individual one is worth the arseache. However, for the occupants of that bit of hectoring or nannying or bullying, their livelihood is at stake.

And that's why we never get rid of all these fucking government "initiatives" or programs. People get employed and when their job is done, they don't think "what will I do next?" They think "How can I stretch this out?"

The only solution to this is to starve the government of funds. Do every legal thing you can to keep your money in your back pocket. Do your tax return with ruthless accuracy. Don't let the fuckers get a penny more than you're legally obliged to give them. Try to find legal ways of buying things to keep money out of the government's coffers - like buying fags in France or Spain. Fuck this bunch of spendthrift knobjockeys sideways.

If we all take just an extra 200 quid home at the end of the tax year, we'll have done more to cunt up government spending than any of the big three parties are promising.

Do your duty.

Update: The UK Libertarian has an excellent video on this and more, here.

*My fingers typed "Death by a thousand cunts" all by themselves. And it is a perfectly valid title, but I went with this instead.


Oleuanna said...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, agreed, but what the public wants to know is what was the underlying thing that sparked this off?

Uncle Marvo said...

I don't need to know what sparked it off. Anything would do. There are so many examples...

What matters is that Obo has said what needed to be said.

But Obo, it won't work. You know why. If you try to alter their net income they will immediately alter the rules to make it up.

The answer is not to do it legally, but to do it illegally. See how big the prisons are.

Death of a thousand wasps.

Anonymous said...

The UK Libertarian has a video on this theme here


Kingbingo said...

This morning I saw a police officer and two traffic wardens giving a beer delivery truck outside a pub a ticket. Cunts.

Of course I pointed out that there was no other place for the truck to stop, and it had done so in a way to cause the absolute minimum disruption. And it was one tax paying business supplying another tax paying business. They both provided tax paying jobs, and all those taxes pay their wages. Why are they so keen to bite the hand that feeds them.

I got three blank faces they clearly didn’t have a clue. They just looked at me like a simpleton before one of them explained in tortured tones that businesses didn’t pay their wages, the government did.

Oh well, that told me didn’t it.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Thanks, JohnW

Dippyness. said...

Already am......Worked on the theory, they shafted me in every way possible, therefore my turn to shaft them.
Don't fuck 'em...(too worried about catching something)
But run ring round these wankers...They kept changing the rules, I just keep changing the goal posts Mawhahaaa

J Demetriou said...

Wow, a post from Obo with content and goes on for more than 50 words. I'm impressed.

Plus it's pretty good to-boot!

Keep it up you lazy fucker.

Kingbingo said...

I’m waiting for him to realise that if Broon is’nt out of office at this election we will never have another proper election again. Obnoxio goes on about how if him and enough others vote Labour then it will cause an implosion in the Tory party and we will see ‘real’ Tories emerge. But what does he make of Broons pledge to reform voting to ensure that a Labour/Liberal pact will rule Britian forever after.

It won’t matter how ‘real’ the Tories are after this election, or how many splinter groups you get competing for the same pool of right wing voters. If Labour/Liberals seal a deal to rule we will have missed the last opportunity to get this totalitarian freak out of office.

He claims he can’t tell the difference between the two parties. Bollocks. Even the Tories on a bad day are simply not capable of the level of incompetence this lot regularly flout. They sure as shit won’t bring in anything like the volume of new intrusive cuntery that Labour pride themselves on. I know full well Ob knows this, he is just feigning obtuseness.

Demetrius said...

One difficulty is that increasing numbers of people are being left with little or nothing to trim. It is one reason for the fiscal deficit.

Anonymous said...

Every Spanish roll up ?
I now see it that as my patriotic duty.
Thanks I feel much better now.
Why dont we just storm the Governments quarters in central London as a massive angry hoarde and tear them to pieces ?
I can just see it now ,the terror on their faces as they are pitched up and down in the air by the seething mob, each time they reappear another body part is missing .
Quite gross ,the physical injuries that can be done by angry mobs.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I would, but 'stenders is on.

Kingbingo said...

In Kyrgyzstan they have just done the equivalent of Killing Alan Johnston and taking over the BBC.

Maybe we should send a fact finding mission?

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I'm surprised Gordoom doesn't feel the need for an armed guard.

Jeff Wood said...

All prime ministers get three shifts of armed guards, both in office and for the rest of their lives.

They are plain-clothes so are not obvious. They carry pistols, but there will be heavier weapons in the boot of the car.

I remember reading recently that Blair's security costs are enormous, even now.

J Demetriou said...

You all out of juice Obo? One decent piece and you're pooped. Come on, do a few one liner posts that'll get you refreshed back to your old self.

woman on a raft said...

Very perceptive piece.

More please.