Thursday, 29 April 2010

"Homosexuality is not normal"

Oh for fuck's sake. Can the professionally-aggrieved and the mincing arse-bandits not fucking take the slightest fucking criticism any more?

Why is being offended such a fucking get-out card nowadays?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Of course it isn't. Neither is being left-handed, bald, good with numbers or being diabetic. So what?

Uncle Marvo said...

Or being red-headed. Or wearing glasses.

But there's nothing wrong with calling someone a four-eyed ginger, if that's what they are.

Wouldn't bother me.

I think (hope) what fatboy is trying to say is that you can't say ANYTHING to someone who's a minority without them pulling the card. I agree with him.

And there are exceptions. Many of them.

marksany said...

Like my mum is fond of saying: "normal is just a setting on a washing machine"

Anonymous said...

Untill recently I had a lot of Gay
and Lesbian friends but after
the bullshit from such as Dale "person" I'lle be buggered if I go near them again.

Ex Tolerant

Antisthenes said...

In nature homosexuality is normal in that nature throws up all sorts gene sequence permutations and those permutations that enhance survival will grow in number and those that don't will not. Hence the small number of homosexuals in the community as homosexuals do not have the tendency to procreate.

However in society homosexuals tend to act in a way that is not the norm so bring disapprobation upon them. So you have a conflict normal in nature but not normal in society so how should homosexuals be judged by society? That depends on their effect on society and if that effect is not negative which I believe it is not then they should be judged as normal.

In a rational civilised society the word homosexual should have exactly the same connotation as the word heterosexual and be neither ridiculed or praised.

If society ridicules homosexuals then society cannot complain if they become aggrieved and act in a defensive way even though that defense become disaproportionate.

Uncle Marvo said...


Good sense.

I think that what went wrong is that (homo) they stole the word "gay". I can't forgive them for that.

And then "straight" as well. And "pink".

Silly move.

Norton Folgate said...

Oooh i'm left handed, ok with numbers and borderline diabetic.

Anyone got Trevor phillips phone number?

Vladimir said...

"Can the professionally-aggrieved and the mincing arse-bandits not fucking take the slightest fucking criticism any more?"

Oh no. To paraphrase Stuff White People Like, being offended about this is the fastest way to go from "not homophobic" to "super not homophobic".

You don't want people to think you're homophobic do you?

The best way to avoid a charge of witchcraft is to point at someone else and say "There's your witch".

Mitch said...

Check out the last pic, we now know where and what he`s been doing.

Leg-iron said...

Smoking isn't normal but I do it anyway, and get whined at every day for it. The amount of alcohol I consume isn't normal, even for a car that runs on alcohol. I like to use abnormal amounts of salt and I certainly don't look 'normal'.

All these things are perfectly normal... to me.

So homosexuality is normal if you're a homosexual, but heterosexuality is normal if you're heterosexual.

It all depends on where you're standing when you're deciding what's 'normal'. None of those things are right, and none of them are wrong. Normality is in the eye of the beholder.

Unless you're Labour, in which case you're just too freaky for words.

Anonymous said...

As a smoker I have to suffer ,
apartheid,hatred ,abuse and isolation.The state and media have
given these actions their whole hearted support ,so my dear friends
gays ,lesbians etc we smokers
will endeavour to ensure you all join in this festival of bitterness
and division.

Prejudice Rules OK
Live with it.

Isolation Ward 7A Rampton

woman on a raft said...

Yet when they wrote "NFN" - normal for Norfolk - on medical records, people weren't a bit grateful for the recognition.

There's no validating some folk.

Kevin said...

All this earnest discussion about what is and isn’t normal utterly misses the point.

There are some groups that really do think they are beyond criticism. Once they have been sanctified as 'victims' they are elevated to a position where ANY criticism of them or their cause is deemed offensive.

Worse still in the last few years a compliant establishment, led by the BBC and the Labour Government has moved to punish those that dare to utter any view that is not acceptable to these victim groups. So you risk the sack, being deselected as a PPC or even prosecuted for what amounts to holding a view that the establishment disapproves of.

And i for one am utterly sick to death of that. And the argument that such suppression is ok because it leads to 'equality'. Cobblers !!! Because if you repress people’s views, they don’t go away. They often fester and get worse.

And then guess what. You get a rise in extremist groups such as the BNP. Own goal or what

Those that preach loudest about tolerance usually show the least tolerance of others who disagree with them. And it’s about time a few people stood up and said 'enough is enough.' But of course people are scared. Because anyone who does stand up to be counted is torn to pieces.

Britain now seems to me to be like an eastern block country in the 1970's under one of the more benign rulers. You can freedom to express yourself so far. But there are lines you cannot cross - OR ELSE!!!!