Monday, 10 May 2010

Is the ConDem tearing?

Scuttlebutt on twatter suggests that the Caring, Understanding New Tories and the Limp Dumbs are not able to reach an agreement.

Sounds to me like iDave has offered the LimpDumbs weekly fellatio from his wife along with a trombone from the rest of the Tory cabinet once a month and they haven't, um, swallowed it.

Now I have heard some theories that suggest that he knows what he's doing and he's playing the long game, but frankly I reckon this is just another in a long list of Mongolian cluster fucks by the Forehead of Doom. He fucking raced in to the Lib Dems, dropped his rods and grabbed his ankles with astonishing alacrity.

The even more socially democratic LimpDumbs have decided that they really don't fancy foregoing their chance to increase their slice of the electoral pie, so they've told iDave to go fuck himself, they rather want to get into bed with the Labour Party.

In a sense, I guess iDave is lucky. Imagine if he'd managed to get 57 people that utterly fucking stupid that they, as losers, want to pucker up to an even bigger bunch of losers on some ludicrous promise that they're not going to get fucked into a cocked hat by Mandelsnake and company, on board. Can you imagine anyone that dumb having a significant say in running the country?

Watch the markets. This isn't going to be ugly.

This is going to be Greek.


Kingbingo said...

I'm sure Clegg is a bright chap. Along with St Vince, Laws and Huhne. After that I reckon their all a bunch of thickies.

Anonymous said...

Just watching Broon's live statement on Sky. He a cunt, and a cunning one at that. If iDave had a fraction of the political nous of Mandlesnake, he would be in power by now.

Ultimately Labour might not get into power, but McDoom is going to make it fucking difficult for iDave. Slimey bastards.

Why can't the Caledonian Cyclops just fuck off anyway.

John R said...

Imagine the sheeple's reaction when this one finally gets through to them.

Same old McNutter in power, propped up by Walk-On-Water WotsIsName, with Mandelsnake still hissing in his ear, and the party with most seats and votes nowhere to be seen.

You couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

I, as a blue country person, welcome our even less relevant red and yellow overlords. Some kind of pustulant open wound I guess.

I'm certainly looking forward to these "democrats" explaining why they have their own parliaments, but they should be able to vote on english laws too. In fact would not be in power without doing so

So that's democracy is it?

You utter fucking cunts.

And iDave too, his utter incompetence in opposition and in the election has led to this.

Anonymous said...

Great time for a new leader....of the tories too

Shove off iDave before they knife you

wv traters

I am Stan said...

Molotov cocktail anyone?

nbc said...

I'm no fan of the "forehead of doom" but I think not forming a coalition is a good move on his part.

Any new PM would not want to front up a weak coalition especially when the near-to-medium economic situation is looking so catastrophic. iDave does not want to be in the big chair when it all goes pear-shaped.

If Clegg/LabourMong are in power when the bubble bursts they both get shafted, then iDave can become PM with a stronger mandate to take an axe to the civil service and the benefits queue.

As soon as the election result was known I've been thinking that a LibCon coalition would be bad for the tories. Let Labour burn on the pyre of the last 13 years and if the LibDums get dragged into the fire then that can only be a good thing.

Antisthenes said...

BBC says sterling decline because of uncertainty. Sterling is dropping because of fear that the incompetents are going to stay in power.

Anoneumouse said...

It certainly helps to be greeced up

lasess said...

Watching the debates I reckoned cmd was actually thick. Tim, nice but dim. So theres no way he's smart enough to be playing a long game himself.

It is not in the economic interest of our country for us to have an unstable government at this time. We are in serious shit. The past year of partying by McTwat and co funded on the national credit card will sink us if its not tackled. A stable government that can take the necessary steps to fix this mess is essential.

A pox on all of the cunts.