Monday, 10 May 2010

Time for the LimpDumbs to hang tough

So, from what I've seen today, I reckon the most painful short-term outcome is the best. LibLab coalition along with 17 other parties causing a national upchuck. People will look at the resulting clusterfuck and take a massive shit on the idea of PR. Markets will tank. The IMF will be called in. The government loses vote after vote. Eventually another general election is called.

Labour will be crucified even further, Limp Dumbs will be flushed down the toilet and hopefully Dave will realise that this social democratic shit doesn't fly any more.

Either that, or the Tories will apply the boot and we'll get a proper economic Tory. Because fuck all the other shit: a serious evisceration of government bloat is what we need above all.

So, my heartfelt plea to the Limp Dumbs: reject Dave's offer, even though he's offering exactly what the Gorgon will offer you ... if you're lucky! Get into bed with the people you feel most comfortable with. Go on, do it.

You know you want to.


Mitch said...

This seems to me a last parting backshot by brown, He is taking his ball home and shitting all over the field.
He is pure 22 carat scum.

Like you say let em get together in some lefty circle jerk and see how long it lasts, there will be no going back for clegg oblivion will follow.

Gendeau said...

Sorry to say that I think that you're right.

Too many sheeple out there think the tories are nasty 'cos all their lovely lefty teachers told them so.

The truth is that the tories used to be the grown-up party; sorry socialist kiddies here comes the medicine.

iDave needs to fuck off with his luvvy wuvvy green bullshit. This disaster is due to his ineptitude in the election and the years of worthless, puny opposition that preceded it.

At least this way there's no nasty tories taking the blame for the pain in correcting 13 years of mis-rule by socialist kiddies and cunts

Antisthenes said...

Absolutely spot on. I just hope that if it all goes pear shaped that the Conservatives do not elect to go it alone or it will be their head on the block.

Paul said...

This is spot on. There are tough times ahead and the country needs to be weened off of the state. The public seem to be slowly coming round to the idea socialism is a bust flush winning would just give more amm to the leftist myth about the Tories being evil, but one last hurrah for Labour with Harriet in charge of a weird Lib/lab/celtic progressive coalition should make them more unelectable than they were in the 80s.

John R said...

Forget all this coalition bollocks, there's nothing positive there for the Tories now.

The answer is for Cameron to wait until tomorrow lunchtime then publically dump Clegg The Untrustworthy...."we negotiated in good faith and were let down".

Let the lefty shitbags do whatever they like, whatever scummy deal they cook up wont last more than a few weeks. The markets will tank, the IMF will be on the next flight into the UK.

Meanwhile rapidly move back to Tory home ground on the EU, education, defence, crime etc. Lose CallMeDave and his cling-ons along the way. Absorb UKIP back into the party ready for the next campaign.

After a complete political meltdown due to the crashed economy a new GE will be called before the summer is out and we'll get the necessary right wing, overall majority needed to start to repair the 13 year Gordonomics fuck up.

Lutney Chocker said...

Cameron doing a petulant dumping of the Lemons would damage the Tories.
This is all smoke and mirrors bullshit really. Most of the chicken-eyed Labour militia are fixated on "keeping the Tories out", but some of the shrewder more experienced ones can see that this is a game of trying to avoid ending up in power.

I reckon the Tories could outflank and confuse the lefties by having a Tory leadership election next week...

Cameron should stand up and announce (to the LibDums shock) that he's failed to agree a coalition with them and with his party, and resign, announcing a Tory leadership contest.
Clegg will flop onto Gorgon's hairy flaps to suckle "in the nashnul intrest"...

...that should shield them from being forced to become a minority government, and spring clean, with a new hard right look - make Dan Hannan leader.

It will fuck up any counterstrategy of Lord Mangleprance to dump the economic shitpie on the Tories' plate.

Mandelsson knows the Tory strategy is to force the Rent Boy Farty into a dance of death with Labia Farty; so I reckon he'll be slithering around trying to undermine any coalition to try and ensure that the Tories get sabotaged with a rerun of the 80s as the public sector goes Greek.

They could revolt on the basis of Cameron's failure to deliver, and purge the Cameroons out over the summer, and get a lift from a fresh look with a more UKIP-friendly leader like Hannan.

...that would really piss Mandy off, and amuse me no end.

Lutney Chocker said...

"technically the appointment of the prime minister is a royal prerogative exercised by the monarch"
...doesn't have to be an MP ...ooh!

I bet Mandy's got that plastered in lipstick and faeces on the mirror above his waterbed (whoops! I've said too much...)

bayard said...

The only reason that a minority government or coalition won't work is the shit quality of our elected representatives. The first-past-the-post system is the one that works best with righteous, dictatorial, power-hungry MPs. That's not an argument against PR, it's an argument against the quality of our candidates for election. FPTP means safe seats. Safe seats mean voting for the party, not the candidate. Voting for the party means shit MPs, as the last few years has so comprehensively demonstrated.

Chalcedon said...

I agree. This coalition will have to cut spending and of course will rile the English if Scotland, Wales and NI are protected for votes from their MPs. We do need an English parliament and to cast the Celtic parasites adrift.