Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oh dear, more gesture politics

What is this?

George Osborne and David Laws (Osborne and Little as they’ve reportedly been tagged by their officials) have announced that Sarah Teather and other very important persons will no longer be entitled to ministerial cars to ferry them to and fro at the expense of hard-pressed taxpayers. Only those in the four great offices of state — the prime minister and his deputy, foreign secretary, chancellor and home secretary — will get their own car and chauffeur.

What is this? The eeeeevil toff Tories getting rid of the ministerial Jag and chauffeur? That the fair and equal Labour apparatchiks were so fond of?

Well, how can I possibly disapprove of anything that forces politicians to live a bit more like us? Another tiny step in the right direction!


Idle Pen Pusher said...

A little bit more like us in the fact they'll have to share a ministerial jag pool rather than each having their own one...

Kingbingo said...

Yes gesture politics for sure. I can only hope these measures along with the paycuts will soon be rolled out to all civil servants.

An across the board pay cut of 35% for all civil servants over £65k like MP's have had will be a nice early measure.

John R said...

The lefties use the phrase "gesture politics" as if it meant something really negative and that their opponent would tremble in their shows.

Meanwhile in the real world, the one that pays for all of this state waste, people look at the "gesture" and see someone actually trying to make a start on cutting out the crap. Maybe it's not a vast saving, but its more than Bully McNutter ever achieved and that's a very good start indeed.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

@JohnR "Bully McNutter"


Sounds like a Viz character ..

"Bully McNutter - the man with the stutter"

Obnoxio The Clown said...

John R - absolutely agree.

Sperm Lewis said...

'Sarah Teather may be a dog. However, her head is just the right height to rest a pint glass on while the men around her discuss serious subjects.'

'Peter Hitchens' (impostor)

GF blog, 10.09.06

Mitch said...

'Sarah Teather looks like one of those giant rodents..a capybara I think.