Monday, 31 May 2010



And that ladies and gentlement is part of the reason why many people - me among them - want nothing more to do with national elected politics.

Nothing to do with the fact that you've whored yourself around a dozen constituencies who all told you to fuck off, then? Jesus, talk about being up yourself...


Anonymous said...

Telling it like it is, as always. Cheers mate, you've got a fan in me.


J Demetriou said...

The bloke is an arrogant, useless, principle-free cretin, with delusions of grandeur. The professional Schmoozer of our political age.

Spot on article, summing up that tosser in a sweet old nut shell.

It amazes me why he even bothers with the whole conservative blogging thing. Why does he do it? The party he professes to support roundly rejects him at every single moment he tries to make it into the political arena. There are good reasons for that.

And for some reason, conservatives still give him air time and interviews, despite him being a proper labour party apologist and liberal back-scratcher.

One of the most depresing things you can do in any given day is read one of his articles. Because it will almost certainly be devoid of anything remotely approaching a right of centre view.

He should become a non aligned blogger and scmooze and arse-lick the liberal estanblishment all he wants, free from criticism of being a total useless twat.

RantinRab said...

I sussed the cunt ages ago.

I rarely visit his s(h)ite.

A Zimbo said...


He just doesn't get it. How the hell did his blog become so high in the reader stakes?

Crumpled Fiveskin said...

...because he publishes a list that puts his blog at number 2 (even though it is one), and lazy cunts ont tinter just copy and paste shit from anywhere slick looking without any thought about credibility.

you look at his list of "best political blogs", and it's pretty random... loads of shit ones high up and good ones low down... it's a shame noone bothers to organise a proper regular top of the plops survey.