Sunday, 6 June 2010

And they're off!

I had been hoping against hope, I must confess. I really had. I was prepared to give them every chance, prepared to view every initiative without the immediate scorn that I'd pour on useless "New" Labour.

Alas, alas...

The Tories said:
"A Conservative government would "dismantle" central NHS IT infrastructure, halt and renegotiate NPfIT local service provider contracts and introduce interoperable local systems."

The Lib Dems said:
"The Government needs to end its obsession with massive central databases. The NHS IT scheme has been a disastrous waste of money and the national programme should be abandoned."

So both parties wanted to shitcan this abomination, yet now they're both in power together... why, they going to take it forward! Did I miss some mass public uprising where people were demonstrating in the streets, demanding that the NHS should be allowed to lose our private medical records like HMRC loses our financial records? Did I miss some compelling statement of importance from the Labour Party that made the government change its mind?

I don't think I did.

So, for entirely hidden and opaque reasons, the New Politics has decided to carry on with an expensive, wasteful, pointless and unnecessary IT project. Oh, and the "announcement" thereof was rather handy as well:

it was "announced" by brief Written Answer, without debate, on the day of the statement made to the House on the Cumbrian shooting, so it didn't get picked up anywhere. A Jo Moore 9/11 situation writ large, but after weeks in power rather than New Labour's years in office by the time of Moore's disgrace. New government, old tricks. No change, and no shame.

The "civil liberties won" headline has gone out to the people, but the reality, the outcome of this policy is completely different. Just like "New" Labour with their endless announcements of "good things" that turned out to be poisonous.

The heir to Blair? I cannot think of a more fitting epithet for this slimy politician.*

Update: This. Fucking Jesus, here we FUCKING go again...

Update 2: Oh for the fucking sake of fucking fucking fuck.

*Apart from "cunt", obviously!


Mitch said...

Its change alright but only in an "Obama" way.
Just more triangulation with different lies from new faces.
Didn't last long did it eh?

Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...

So... how do they expect us to trust them again? What's a politican's word worth? Bugger all I'd say.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I am not surprised by any of this. I communicated with Cameron's office about their "treatment" of Lord Mancroft (over his public statements regarding the poor care he received at a local NHS unit - RUH Bath).

The torrent of vapid drivel poured in my direction from Cameron's office displayed a woeful lack of comprehension of the situation coupled to a deluded repetition of the "NHS is totally wonderful and above criticism" mantra truly worthy of anything Zanu spouted in their years at the helm.

If this lot don't get a grip on the bureaucrats damned quick - this is all going one way - straight down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

The NHS shit is bad news.

The alcohol is the work of the euro trash so they are not going to do anything against them.

The ANPR cameras are vulnerable to be smashed and they soon won't have the money for them anyway.