Wednesday, 16 June 2010


This refers. Because I haven't deleted the posts in question, I was attacked on twatter with this garbled mess:

@obotheclown do you really think that argument works? do you think ppl have the right to stel identities, commit fraud, deceive, break law?

Apparently, a troll taking the piss out of a pompous blowhard is now "identity theft", "fraud", "deception" and "breaking the law". It gets better, though:

@obotheclown someone posting under my name has stolen my identity and is deceiving others by pretending to be me. It's not fair or right.

I can see several issues with this particular observation, such a...

@obotheclown and it can lead to deception and possible libel. You know the implications. There's no free speech argument here ffs!!

Well, as I was ...

@obotheclown you're a fucking wind up merchant, mate. You know I'm right, you're just laughing at me here. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Yes, I suppose I'm laughing at you, because you storm around like your balls are bigger than your brain, slapping your dick down on every fucker's table and telling them how you're the daddy and yet, the first fucking troll who wanders past has you pissing in your pants like a little girl.

I suppose the next thing you're going to tell me is that you're talking to a lawyer about this shameful lack of response to your reasonable request. Or that you are a lawyer.


In the meantime, absolutely nothing I do or don't do will stop this troll from knowing that the bloke on the Boatang & Demetriou blog is a weapons-grade wimp who can be trolled to death. And for all you know, his name might actually be John Demetriou, or he might change it by deed poll to John Demetriou. On what grounds would I then be justified in removing his posts?

I don't know what your real name is. I don't know who the troll is. For all I know, you could actually be the troll, playing some sort of double-bluff.

So fret and moan and squeal. The troll is taking note of how you're reacting, and if you're not the troll, he knows he's onto a lifetime of pleasure at your blog or anywhere you may choose to comment. Or even places where you don't comment.

Which could be really amusing.

And if it spreads, what will you do? Call for every blogger in the universe to delete comments from the troll?

That'll work.


*sigh* quiet from obo, i guess he's bust writing a spiteful, revenge article on me. The fucking pointless cunt.

Yeah, because I won't do your every whim, I'm spiteful and vengeful. That's me.

What a fucking loser.


RantinRab said...

I'm John Demetriou!

Oleuanna said...

NO I'm John Demetriou!!!!!!!

Catosays said...

No, he is!!

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

It is annoying when some mindless troll takes you off. As you know, it's happened to me. I suppose the only reason I'm not suffering as badly as JD is because I don't have a Blogger account. The troll is obviously sick of typing my name all the time.

I'm surprised that the troll gets such a kick out of it. You'd think they'd want some sort of identification of their own. Their own 'name' or just choose 'anon'. Why else post on peep's blogs? 'Cos it's for you to give your opinions, silly or otherwise. But that's obviously not why the troll does it.

Reminds me of the school playground...

It would be nice if you would delete at your end and/or publish the ISP address, so at least other posters could see who was who. It does get confusing when your reading through.

Anonymous said...

I'm Demetriou and so's my wife!

J Demetriou said...

I wasn't asserting a legal argument, Obo, I was simply remonstrating with you about the fact you know full well someone is causing mischief and silly nonsense and you won't lift a finger against it. All the while, the harmless nobody who does "looks like you, obo" causes you to have a heart attack ten times a year.

I'm not actually that bothered about him, it's your annoying arrogance in failing to reply to my polite request. Several times.

It took until the fifth time of asking that I ended up losing my rag.

Push comes to shove, I aint that bothered about that bloke. He comes on here, a shit useless site that lays host to your piss poor entries and the random witterings of a small club of usual hangers on, and it's all of little consequence.

As I say, it is more your reaction to my polite request to a small irritation that annoyed me. That, and your fake, bullshit 'my site my rules' freedom of speech argument, which was infuriatingly disengenuous.

A final point, if you think we're tht pathetic, why do you engage with us? Why bother? You got major fucking issues, pal. Major problems. I feel sorry for you. The hate, the lack of soul. Depressing.

J Demetriou said...

oh, and...

"Yeah, because I won't do your every whim, I'm spiteful and vengeful. That's me."

No, you fucking stupid cunt, you're spiteful and vengeful, not for refusing to do my whim, but for writing revenge articles like this, and constantly back biting and attacking us for having a view or raising a point you don't like.

THAT makes you spiteful.

Old Holborn and your nasty little details signposting episode is enough proof of that, surely.

You evil little shit.

Anonymous said...

A final point, if you think we're tht pathetic, why do you engage with us? Why bother? You got major fucking issues, pal. Major problems. I feel sorry for you. The hate, the lack of soul. Depressing.

I nearly spat my wine out there, JD. Your entire internet output consists of attacks on people who don't even read your blog or know who you are, so.....

J Demetriou said...

Such as who? When?

What rubbish.

Oh, and Obo, I take it that if I were to post a little too much for your liking, and stuff you didn't like, you'd resist the urge to ban me?

Or is it all the way full circle back to your site, your rules, so I may well find myself censored or blocked?

I wonder.

One rule for some, one rule for others, but never any consistent principles.

You are no libertarian, mate. You are all about feeding yourself and your ego. There is no freedom of speech for you.

TheBigYin said...

Oh dear...aint social networking and blogging wonderful?

Anonymous said...

"A final point, if you think we're tht(sic) pathetic, why do you engage with us? Why bother?"

Said the pot to the kettle.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Sixty: I don't have any information to identify who is posting. Unlike Wordpress, blogger gives you exactly no information about the IP address (or anything else) of who is commenting.

That is why I don't know whether the troll is you or John Demetriou or indeed, if you are all each other.

I am considering going to Wordpress for exactly this reason, but frankly if not knowing these things can generate so much enthusiasm for so little effort, I think I might stay here. :o)

g1lgam3sh said...

I am so enjoying this :-)

W/v counte....with a silent o

marksany said...

I suggest you delete every comment from any "John Demetriou" just in case. So should all other blogs, just on case.

Mark Wadsworth said...

No, I'm John Demetriou! Or possibly Kirk Douglas. One or the other.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Demetriou you stupid fucking cunt. I've been a blog reader for a long while and all I ever read from your herpes infested personality is bile and spite at other bloggers in order to boost your faux Libertarian ego.

All along I thought you were an obnoxious high school boy who couldn't tell a clitoris from a set of tonsils.

You've just confirmed it you whiney little bitch

Oleuanna said...

@MarkSany you are a Messiah ...... Last @Anon awesome... This is so sweeeet

Kingbingo said...

JD mate, this troll is pathetic, why give a rats ass?

Mind you I don't bother looking at the names that go with the comments, you're all just a homogenised gestalt entity to me.

wonderfulforhisage said...

Goodness how boring.

I'm off to deselect my RSS feed. I'm fed up with not having much of a clue about what this blog is about. I used to quite enjoy it.