Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Oooh, hark at her!

On a post discussing the vuvuzela, I received the following comment:


Are you going to do anything about the sock puppet troll who pretends to be me on here?

You seem to act against the "looks like you, obo" troll, but not this one.

I take it this is a personal slight against me, your failure to screen this nonsense.

I'm not really sure how this squares with either being a devout fan freedom of speech (the complainant) or "my gaff, my rules*" (me!)

I look forward to any thoughts on this matter.

*Just for the avoidance of doubt, the rule in question is that I don't censor or delete comments apart from spam, not the rule that says "piss pompous drama queens off".


Mark Wadsworth said...

Plan A must be "Do nothing" unless you value the comments of the imitatee much more than those of the imitator and suspect that the imitatee would stop commenting if you fail to take some sort of action.

Plan B is just "Do nothing".

Kingbingo said...

The brand of libertarianism I ascribe to believes in the right of association with the rule of law. Although obviously I favour a considerably smaller book of law than we currently have I do believe in a small but powerful state, which itself is bound by law and whose job it is to enforce mainly property rights as established in law. The reason for this is I believe that firm property rights are an essential prerequisite for free markets to operate. The IEA produced a paper on this subject here: http://www.iea.org.uk/record.jsp?type=book&ID=438

There are these anarcho-capitalist fuckwits who believe in no state at all, they cling to this fantasy idea that everyone will be so concerned about their credit rating to not commit crimes. They have zero historic evidence for no-government, states actually working at any point in history, whereas I have the Victorian British Empire, the early US, the Republic of Rome to name just a few of states where a small powerful state bound by law has proven very successful, and each case set them up so well that they sustained for many decades after they became lazy and decided to introduce the rot of socialism.

So as relevant to your case, Like I said I believe in freedom to associate under the rule of law and established property rights. So it’s ‘your gaff your rules’. As far as I’m concerned you can do whatever you please with the comments. However, if you mod where it’s not appropriate, or you mod too often etc, I will simply withdraw my association. Just like I did from Labourlist after they started modding heavily.

If you think a poster is taking the piss, or trolling, go ahead and do as you see fit. If you feel so minded as to explain your actions people can decide if they accept your reasons or not. Then they can choose your-way or the highway.

The Penguin said...

Did you know that "vuvuzela" is gujarati slang for vagina?

The Penguin.

Cockwaver said...

Personal slight? Against the oily Greek end of the Two Cock-wavers?
Let it stand, Obo, let it stand.

Billy Blofeld said...

Move to Wordpress so people can reply directly to comments and tell trolls to fuck off.

Result: Freedom of speech and freedom to point out a wanker all catered for.........

Cockwaver said...

Personal slight? Against the oily Greek end of the Two Cock-wavers?
Let it stand, Obo, let it stand.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Since I've been taken off by the same troll, I'm with JD on this one. Which has to be a minor miracle!

It's just so annoying when trolls can't be bothered to get your gender right.

The Grim Reaper said...

Where's the one half of the True Keepers of Libertarianism? He's awfully quiet today.