Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Budget thoughts

Well, it was pretty inevitable that I was going to say "not nearly enough", but I do have to say I have a grudging respect for Boy George after today. You can see the limp-wristed hand of the Limp Dumbs in some of the stupider aspects (a green bank, for the fucking sake of fucking fucking fucking fuck!) but by and large, I think he did the business.

For a statist social democrat, anyway.

There's no way I would have left that room alive, but I would have ripped the beating heart out of the state and pissed all over it if I was in that position. George really didn't go nearly far enough in my opinion. There's fucking tonnes of savings he could have made and if he was going to renege on VAT he might as well have gone for broke and butt-fucked the useless NHS as well. And international aid? FUCK OFF!

And even if he did ring-fence those two, he could have easily slashed the same again off the budget. Well, I could have, anyway.

Mark my words: the NHS is going to become a flashpoint in years to come, with tales of waste, overpaid execs, jollies and all sorts of other shenanigans. George should taken those fuckers roughly up the arse.

And I really can't see why we should be giving the fucking Indians money to buy our steel industry.



Catosays said...

International aid? Those fuckers should be sending us money!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew it was a failure when he announced that the civil servants employed in the 'Euro preperation unit' had been 're-assigned to more productive tasks'

Why didn't they just make them redundant?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Why didn't they just make them redundant?"

Him, not them.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words: the NHS is going to become a flashpoint in years to come, with tales of waste, overpaid execs, jollies and all sorts of other shenanigans. George should taken those fuckers roughly up the arse.

George is a politician. The ConDems are all politicians. It would be currently, currently mind you, politically very difficult to slash 'n' burn the NHS.

Now, the public perception of the NHS is very likely to change over time -- as you rightly suggest. Further, the perceived 'unfairness' with it being ring-fenced whilst the rest of us face some pain will also only grow over time.

I'd expect cuts to the NHS in the future, when the public consensus has had time to change. George is simply doing what he is paid to do -- politics. Don't rag on him too much now; but feel free to do so 5 or 10 years down the line if he fails to cut the NHS then, once public pre-acceptance of such a move has been achieved.

Dioclese said...

I have spent many years contracting to the civil service. I can honestly say that if we sacked half of them, then no-one would notice the difference. It was Brown's way of fudging the employment statistics.

Anyway, there are fucking thousands of them on fixed term contracts which I suspect they will not be allowed to renew - so that should thin them out a bit! They're all spotty faced useless wankers or useless unemployable tossers waiting for their gold plated pensions....well, most of them anyway.

Roger Thornhill said...

It is my suspicion that "international aid" is the channel through which we fund covert ops.

As for the NHS, well, cutting its funding does not mean it will cut its output.

In the case of Mental Health provision, I would say keep its funding level, but ask more of it, for more needs to be done.

There is no way the NHS is efficient for it is a monopoly. It has no proper incentive to be efficient, like no business.

At least Osborne has begun to cull the herd of sacred cows.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

I didn't think it was a bad attempt actually. As soon as I heard the magic phrases about frezing the Civil List and cutting Welfare I knew he was on to something.

The CGT was less painful than I expected, the Vat hike was inevitable - NuLab were going to do it anyway, civil servants pay freeze, departmental butchering etc etc.

So far I like it.

The International Aid tomfoolery is to be expected, someones compromise methinks

Anonymous said...

The Department for International Development budget bizarrely includes all the money spent on our British Overseas Territories.


If the majority of it is spent on these (or preferably all of it) I have no objection in it being ringfenced. These should be jealously held onto and well looked after in my opinion.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

You've used 60 eff words today, Mr Clown. 36 just in one post alone.

Pour yourself an extra beer. Take your weight off your feet. Better still, go and lie down.

Otherwise, you'll be pulling out your nasal hair, rearranging your teeth and balding prematurely.

Anonymous said...

Ah the fucking Indians, not only did they buy our steel industry, they took 1 billion of carbon tax credits with them to sell on, they have an 8 billion manned space program, they have bought a Russian aircraft carrier for 2.3 billion and negotiating for another, they have leased 6 nuclear submarines for 4.6 billion and instigated a nuclear submarine build program worth6 billion and they are building a naval base on their east coast for 2 billion to home them.

They obviously could not survive without our 8 billion a year aid!!

microdave said...

"Otherwise, you'll be pulling out your nasal hair, rearranging your teeth and balding prematurely."

And then what would he look like whilst driving his pink convertible Nissan Micra?

STUD COCK said...

Fuck you, Obnoxio, you hairy arsed CUNT face. I swear when I find your grave I'll piss A tsunami all over it.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

'...when I find your grave...'

Mr Clown, are you already dead? Are we posting comments on a stiff?

Mitch said...

can Google communicate with the dead?