Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The end of the honeymoon?

Every media pundit and his cunting dog (especially that useless mingewaft Nick "Toenails" Robinson) has been wittering on about today's budget being "the end of the honeymoon".

Well, it fucking hasn't. None of the pain has kicked in yet and nobody knows if it's going to work. When the pain kicks in and if it doesn't work, that's when the fucking moaning is really going to start.

Osborne did, it must be said, a decent enough job of kicking everybody fairly. I don't agree that the VAT rise was needed, he should have just sacked another couple of million useless state-employed parasites. That and the green bank, but that's the price for being in a coalition with treacherous Europhile cock munchers.

I think he did a good job, and let's face it, I'm a tough crowd.

So I don't think the honeymoon is anything like over yet.

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