Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Deficit busting

Via the Salted Slug and Al Jahom, this.

My take?

And I sure as fuck wouldn't stop there!

Update: Kitler in the comments pointed out that there might be 25% of people in jail that wouldn't meet with libertarian requirements for them being there. So I made that assumption and here is the result:


Kitler said...

Why don't you want to free 25% of prisoners?

There are lot of good people doing time for things that shouldn't be illegal and a lot more mad people who should really be in hospital.

dr cromarty said...

So where is the abolition of the Department for International Development?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Kitler, you're probably right, but I don't think there are that many people who are actually in jail for drug-type offences, are there?

I couldn't be arsed to look up the stats, if you have a link, I might do that as well.

Dr Cromarty - I didn't see the option?

dr cromarty said...

Its right at the top of my fucking list for the chop

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Yes, and mine, but I wasn't exactly given the fucking option, was I?

Mark Wadsworth said...

D'you think the leftie websites have set up a different version called 'Deficit booster'?

AntiCitizenOne said...

I'd cut.

Everything but
Mental Health.
and add the Citizens Dividend Department funded by an LVT and IPVT.

Kitler said...

Drugs are illegal and if you get involved in their supply or use then you risk going to prison. I don't agree with this obviously, but until the laws are changed it is the way it is.

What needs to be changed immediatly is the way probation works. If you think dealing with the system and its insane rules is bad in the real world, you should see what its like for people on probation. Shambolic drug addled losers are expected to spend countless months reporting to the police station, signing forms, and taking piss tests, making them almost unemployable and a burden to those they know with cars so that they can get to this endless pantomine, and any failure to adhere to all this and its straight back to prison.

If people need to be in prison put them in prison.
If its time to let them out, let them out.

and if you must be involved in drugs consider it your economic duty to not get caught :)

Kitler said...

Oh and what about halving the road maintainance and upgrades. If the half of those upgrades are traffic calming and speed humps then I see no harm in it :)

bayard said...

Was that list written by someone in the fucking government? Where are all the useless quangoes and fakecharities? all the pointless civil service jobs? all the grossly overpaid mandarins? All smugly safe while we're invited to save money by taking it away from the poorest members of society.

Or is there a page 2?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Kitler, the roads are fucked at the moment. I'd obviously shit can any maintenance of traffic calming, but the roads are fucked. They need fixing.

Bayard, Page 2 was who your cuts would piss off. As Al Jahom said, all the civil servants would strike which would mean we wouldn't have to pay the cunts and everyone would see that services were unchanged. So we'd then be able to sack the fucking lot of them.

Billy Blofeld said...

This list prompts me to laugh at the socialist twats who spent the last 13 years trying to redistribute wealth by tax credits.

If only the wankers had used the money they spent on benefits building high speed rail instead.

People would have moved outside of the South East and taken wealth and enterprise to other areas. Permanent change. Fucking 'tards.

I'd also give the forces a pay rise

AntiCitizenOne said...

I know Obnoxio hates cyclists, but my #1 gripe as a cyclist is shitty potholey roads with cycle lanes where the road doesn't need one then no cycle lane where it would be useful.

Roger Thornhill said...

Considering the decriminalising/legalising of drugs and prostitution, so many people in prison, especially women, will deal with much of that, as will the 25% cut in police numbers (though I'd probably do it via natural wastage as the police will be needed to deal with the Vested Interests and other crusties.

I left the Aircraft Carriers alone for the moment (pending defence review and all that), left alone Crossrail for it is 20yrs overdue and rail is bursting, but I cut road maintenance as this could be done cheaper with the same end result I am sure. I woudl add in a review of how Crossrail is to be done so to save money.

I also left out the 2.5% pensions levy - reform public sector pensions, yes, but I'd rather not use the same tactics as Brown. I left alone pensioners travel concessions too.

Leftie Version:

Steal bread from the mouths of those loyal comrades providing frontline services?
Cut frontline services
Force those on benefits to die starving in gutter
Freeze 45% of all grannies this winter

You know the drill - disingenuous, rent-seeking, vested interest inversion.