Sunday, 27 June 2010

The rake's progress (for @tomharrismp )

There was a time, when he was in government, that Tom Harris was a good, interesting blogger. He made a reasonable fist of engaging with people, both people who sucked his pole as well as people who wanted him impaled on a pole.

He also managed to occasionally step off-piste on his blog, certainly more than he ever did in the lobby.

Then Labour lost the election.

And I think this shock really was a bit too much for poor Tom. Instead of powering out of his hard-won blogging credentials and laying waste to the ConDems with verve and wit, he turned into a pathetic "yah-boo-sucks" mong, blogging at the intellectual level of Bevanite Ellie.

Come on Tom. You and I will never, ever agree on pretty much anything. But this pathetic, infantile, tribal bollocks is really demeaning. You sound like a spiteful toddler every time you blog lately.

Get a fucking grip, you useless cunt.


Mitch said...

They just can't believe that the ungrateful country didnt realise how good we had it under labors benign magnificence.
They expensed their fingers to the bone , made laws for everything how date we.

Anonymous said...

Mitch: " .. made laws for everything "

Made laws for every one of their special interest groups.

The Penguin said...

There was a time when I was scared of clowns, but you seem to be losing your grip....

The Penguin.

J Demetriou said...

Good comment! I agree entirely, he has regressed into a Sunny Hundal-esque spiteful realm of sniping and petty remarks. He is also extremely resistant to answering questions and giving an account of his position.

Fuck 'em.

J Demetriou said...

Only I may call people a cunt, Obnoxio. And that is only if they disagree with me.

Although Tom is very much a cunt.

Mitch said...

Oh dear ! The fuckwitted kebab peddler is back. Prepare to be bored.

Joyce Hiveld said...

Tom is well whipped. Cunt.

(I see the JD troll reappearing. Good).

Joyce Hiveld said...

Adds to the Gaiety of Nations.

(the troll - who else?).

Anonymous said...

Does Bevanite Ellie have any intellectual level?

Chuckles said...

Reversion to the mean.

WV - sofarnot

OldSlaughter said...

It has been surprising and disappointing.

Then again, shouting generally mindless abuse from opposition was how I grew up seeing Labour politicians. I had assumed they had outgrown it.

Its pathetic.