Thursday, 29 July 2010


Yo no hablo español.


Timdog said...

Joder. I do, and it says you are a gilipollas total y me cago en la boca de tu puta madre.

Other than that it's completely accurate.


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

There was once a clown called Obo
Who went down a storm in Spain
Went to his head, poor fellow
And he was never the same again.

What shall I do, he cried?
Staring longingly at that cliff
I can't throw myself off in a temper
'Cos then I'll be seen as a stiff

Laurent said...

No hablo español pero estoy contento ! Welcome onboard !

Obnoxio The Clown said...

C'est probablement le meilleur que vous ne parlez pas de ce genre d'espagnol!

Merci beaucoup, Laurent!

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SorenK said...

I also speak Spanish and, just so we know what 'Timdog' is saying, I translate:

"You are a total retard and I shit in the mouth of your bitch mother."

He signs off by calling himself 'Queer' - which, if nothing else, is a strikingly honest way of finishing his post, albeit rather too much information.

Best wishes from 'El Foro'


Timdog said...

Hahahaha, thanks @SorenK, you are indeed correct in your translation, although the Maricon was a final message for Obo rather than a sign-off, I know he likes these sort of things.

Try and keep a sonrisa on your face eh?

The Osborne Bull said...

Hijo de puta!