Thursday, 29 July 2010

That's your lot for the day

... the road beckons.

Woe is me.


John Demetriou said...


Now it's my time to shine, as the one true keeper of libertarianism. Not like Obnoxio The Clown, a cunt who poses as a true keeper of libertarianism when he is not. Once you've finished reading our latest article over on Boring & Demented - where my fellatio friend Boatang is talking about random shit that is of no interest to anyone who has a life, which automatically excludes me - you might want to come back and read my cunt list, which I shall publish for you right now.

Al Jahom = CUNT.
Anna Raccoon = CUNT.
Bella Gerens = CUNT.
Billy Blofeld = CUNT.
Captain Ranty = CUNT.
Devil’s Knife = CUNT.
Dick Puddlecote = CUNT.
Dizzy = CUNT.
Guido Fawkes = The biggest CUNT of them all.
Harry’s Place = CUNTS.
Iain Dale = CUNT.
John Redwood = CUNT.
LabourList = CUNT. Sorry, that should read CUNTS.
Longrider = CUNT.
Mr Eugenides = CUNT.
Obnoxio The Clown = weapons-grade CUNT.
Old Holborn = CUNT.
Plato Says = CUNT.
Ranting Rab = CUNT.
Though Cowards Flinch = CUNT.
The Ranting Penguin = CUNT.
Tom Harris = CUNT.
Tory Bear = CUNT.

Visit Boring & Demented for a more extensive list of people we think are cunts.

Catosays said...

Oi, Demetriou, you perverted fucking forgot me.

And yes,in my list you top the list of 'cunts' and that other cunt who makes mooing noises.

Kevin Boatang said...

Moo, me?!


Catosays = fucking huge CUNT.

Happy now, you cunt?


Peperbarmi said...

They`ve called me a cunt a few times too!.

But then I am.....a cunt!

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

He probably works for the government.

Caratacus said...


That would explain so much. Thank you for that valuable insight.

microdave said...

@ Obo - Off to see how many "twats, mongs, windowlickers, bellends, fuckwits, thickoes, imbeciles, morons, tossers, wombat-felching retards, but most especially, cunts" you manage to encounter?

On second thoughts, why not stay at home - there seems to a good example here on your blog...

microdave said...

"He probably works for the government."
Nobody actually WORKS for the government, they are just employed.....

Fuck Peperbarmi's Mommy said...

You haven't answered my adult question yet.

Fascist Hippy said...

I also must be a cunt as that Demetriou list is almost identical to the list of bloggers I read and approve of, along with Cato of course.

Yes, Peperbarmi is a cunt and.... said...

he are a total retard and I shit in the mouth of his bitch mother.