Friday, 23 July 2010

Get fisked

Hasn't the mindless hypocrite Obo given up in the face of his losing argument against KingBingo?

a) No I haven't given up. And b) losing would, to me anyway, imply that I am convinced by his argument. I am not.

Joy to read this. Obo coming unstuck off the rails, soon to get derailed into a bush at any given moment.

I'm very happy for you.

Obo - the man who slams Boaty & D on the basis that we allegedly pretend to monopolise libertarianism. Yet his own narrow dogmatic view of libertarianism is presented as anarchism, and furthermore, fact, on his site.

I promote anarcho-capitalism. I can quite easily defend my reasoning that it is the most libertarian policy and I fully accept that it's not to everyone's taste. What I do NOT, however, do, is represent social democracy as libertarianism (as John Demetriou does) nor do I represent social democracy as the path to libertarianism (as Kingbingo does).

Obo - the man who said we were wrong about blog censorship and the prerogative of private blog site / property owners, but who went ahead and took the same line as we did regarding 'a very public sociologist'.

And what line was that?

Obo - the man who slams me for using ad hominems and cognitive dissonance in my arguments, yet when it comes to being challenged on here, he is the first to pile out the rampant abuse (noted by King bingo)

Gosh, yes, it's the first time I've ever sworn on my blog, isn't it?

Fucking dickhead, the raison d'être of my blog is abuse. I thought I'd better fucking point that out, since it's clearly passed your thick fucking head by. However, there is a difference between calling someone a cunt and saying his arguments are meaningless because he's a cunt. Kingbingo's arguments completely fly in the face of all human history AND he's a cunt. His arguments aren't shit because he's a cunt, his arguments are shit because they're shit.

And yes, it is especially fucking frustrating when an apparently well-read and intelligent person continues to insist that red is blue when the artist is X rather than Y. And that may lead to some abuse, but that is not the same as an ad hominem argument.

And speaking of cognitive dissonance, do you not find it curious that you are applauding someone who consistently and unquestioningly votes Tory, despite your regular abuse of Tories? Do you not find it curious that avowed Tory statist Kingbingo's arguments are so compelling to you, despite the fact that you have ridiculed the idea of "libertarian Tories"? And yet you keep insisting that you are a "pragmatic libertarian", much the same as Kingbingo does -- even though he unquestioningly votes Tory?

Are you sure that these arguments would be compelling to a genuine believer in personal liberty?

Obo - The man who belittles Boaty & D on the basis we blog war and hunt for stats, when it is in fact he who writes endless shit stirring articles about us and others to get attention.

Really? I'm interested in all these shit stirring articles that get me so much attention. They might get your attention, but they certainly don't get me readers. There's a difference between slagging off Guido who has half a million readers (or whatever the fuck he claims) -- in the hopes that you'll drag a few of them over -- and slagging off Boatang and Demetriou. Because even if I pull all your readers, that's still only five people.

Unbridled hypocrite. Absolute shameless charlatan. No wonder you and your Country Cunt pals like Anna, DK, Bella, CF etc etc all pull together. All in your cosy little bottom right hand corner of the political spectrum, making out like your way is the true way.

I certainly find it easier to defend my version of libertarian than someone who thinks that coercion is fine, as long as it's coercing the things that you happen to agree with.

Oh, wait, we are the 'keepers', aren't we. Yes, of course. Us who dare to have a slightly different optinion...and say it on a blog!

You are entitled to your opinion. What you have never been able to do, and what Kingbingo has singularly failed to do, is convince me that there is ever a justification for blessing an armed group of thugs to steal money.

HAHAHAHA! Expooooosed!

Exposed as not dwelling in the base world of realpolitik? Probably. But the issue is not to convince people that we need less government. Everybody will agree, even civil service mandarins will agree that other departments can be cut.

The real challenge is to make people question whether government is needed at all, whether there really is a justification for armed thugs stealing from you. Because that's a much bigger eye-opener than lazily saying "the state can be made perfect if we just tweak this knob and that lever."


Jill said...

As a non-blogging, disinterested reader, these incestuous, cliquey, fisking posts aren't my cup of tea and make me less likely to read.

Not to say 'please don't post them', 'you shouldn't post them', or 'how dare you post something I find dull' - jus' sayin'.

Actually, it's probably why I don't blog. Blogs make fantastic reading and definitely help refine one's point of view, especially if you read across the spectrum and get your opinions challenged from every angle. But for the bloggers themselves, it seems all too easy to get addicted and lose personal (not so much political) perspective.

Oh. Not even saying that's what you're doing. But jus' sayin'.

I like that Demetriou guy's blog. He probably doesn't belt and brace his pieces so well as some, but it's all refreshingly direct and honest.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I only put it up there because blogger comments limited to 4096 characters. ;o)

Peperbarmi said...

Bad news Jill,

John`s got a boyfriend,his names Kev,sorry love!

John Demetriou said...

Of course it was Obo, that's why you did a piece and not a comment post. Because alllll your previous incestuous and cliquey little asides (as Kill correctly describes them) are always well above that word count.

Oh, sorry, they're not are they.

I thank Jill for her kind words. She'll note I do not expend the country club aura and I don't indulge in the 'daily hate' that emanates from blog's like Obo's. I don't need to pour vitriol and defamatory spite against everyone I disagree with.

I prefer instead to offer comment an argument. Obo rages that the world and all bloggers don't think like he. he concludes all people who disagree are either thick cunts, social democrats or thick cunty social democrats.

Only Austrian School (interpreted) Anarcho Capitalists have the ONE TRUE CLAIM on libertarianism and what is right.

Carry on capering, you fat clown cunt.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

So, nothing useful to say then John?

No change there, then.

Kingbingo said...

who are you quoting here?

Kingbingo said...

“However, there is a difference between calling someone a cunt and saying his arguments are meaningless because he's a cunt. Kingbingo's arguments completely fly in the face of all human history AND he's a cunt. His arguments aren't shit because he's a cunt, his arguments are shit because they're shit.”

Pissing myself, this is pure class right here!!

“an apparently well-read and intelligent person”


John Demetriou said...

Tell you what Obo, if you're really THAT convinced by the self perpetuated lie that you and our country club pals devised that Mr Boatang and I only attack the likes of you and others for blog stats, then here's a suggestion.

Why not remove us from your blog roll? There you go. What more proof can I possibly offer that I don't want your, or anyone else's, blog traffic, and I don't want to garner attention via these disagreements?

You point black refuse to accept anything we say, instead turning everything against us in this childish form of projection.

We don't care about your fucking low life cunts. What more can I say? Just fuck off, the lot of you.

If we're thick, and say nothing useful, and are low rent, low stats, attention seeking whores who just annoy and niggle, then take us off your roll.

I'll go and tell Bella to do the same next time I catch her online.

So go ahead, Obo, take us off and hopefully we'll never bother crossing swords again. You've emptied your thick dogmatic skull of every single political position you possess, and I know all there is to know about your pathetic, hateful brand of anarcho-capitalism (which is distinctly anti liberty and extreme).

You've decided once and for all we are 'social democrats' (how and why, is beyond me, but you have decided).

So let's call it the end, shall we? You miserable cunt. Little wonder your missus ditched you, you horrid fuck stain.

Kingbingo said...

I'm still hoping somebody can tell me who Obnoxio is quoting, it seems a tad random without context or a link.

Anonymous said...


The poster above your reply, in fact.

Obo no longer links as it annoys the hell out of him, nor attributes his name for similar reasons.

Anonymous said...

from an impartial standpoint, obos downside is you can never take him that seriously because of the raw vitriol pouring off the page, but all his points about libertarian values stand. If you water it down then you are just another neo-liberal and should join one of the big 3. It's a comfortable way to claim being libertarian while keeping the security of the dictat if you believe markets and personal freedom free people,you believe it. If you believe they need help from you because 'you know best 'then i guess you can suckit bru!

Anonymous said...

Wtf. When has anyone ever lost an argument against Kingbingo? Winning an argument is a matter of finding the logical flaws in ones opponents answers and exposing them.

It has nothing todo with presenting non-sequitor or faulty concepts as responses, and it certainly isn't affected by the response or understanding of the majority of idiots who are bound to agree with the most violent answer.

When an opponent in a discussion (and opponent is the correct term Kingbingo, you illiterate) doesn't even have the intellectual capacity to understand how to hold a discussion, maybe it's not so funny to argue with them anymore.