Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hard-working MPs

We've all heard the hand-wringing bleating, mostly from that wittering Glaswegian 'arris about how hard MPs work and how awful the late-night sessions are. However, thanks to twitter, it seems that they're actually a mendacious bunch of boozy cunts (on our dime, of course!):

Last night the PLP was getting pissed and occasionally wandering into the lobbies to vote. Here are a selection of EyeSpy.MP tweets from last night:

4 out of 5 Lab leadership contenders on the terrace taking advantage of rare late night sitting to be matey (or trying to be in case of D & E Miliband).

Last night: Balls, Burnham and Ed Miliband in the Kremlin buying pints for down-market North East Labour MPs

Why aye man, it’s Sharon Hodgson pet! Skulling a vat of white wine. Drunk as a skunk.

0130: Tired and emotional Dennis Macshane stinging drinking companions for expensive glasses of Sancerre on the Terrace

0200: Ed Balls the last Labour leadership contender left on the Terrace – still drinking pints with the NE mafia!

Bear in mind some of these MPs will have been drinking subsidised beer since tea-time. In many cases they will be completely drunk when voting and the whips basically roll them into the lobbies. In how many jobs outside the entertainment industry is acceptable to be completely intoxicated in the workplace?

Of course, it is with no small sense of irony that I read the master of piss artistry, Guido Fawkes, moaning about people being drunk.

But really, he has a point. Why do we listen to these cunts when they bang on about how hard they work for us? They fucking sit in the office, getting pissed on booze that we subsidise for them. I'd be happy to take on a job that allowed me to get paid on subsidised booze.

If your MP is one of these cunts, maybe you'd like to write to him and ask him why he's not taking his fucking job seriously?


Guido Fawkes said...

At least I'm a master at something.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm a master-baiter, obviously. :o)

Peperbarmi said...

I dont begrudge anyone a drink or ten,but quaffing the expensive stuff at my expense while at work is another matter.

When Im at work I have to drink beer out of a mug or drink vodka with half a pint of coke so avoiding a ton of shit coming down on me,and I have to pay top whack for it.........cheeky bastards! *hic*.

Middle Seaxe said...

Here's hoping they all get sclerosis of the liver.

Followed by incurable green canker of the knob.

And ingrowing toenails.

Fuck Peperbarmi's mother said...

Oh, I forgot. Everybody's done that.
They "got no satisfaction".
What do you expect from a slack, diseased cunt?