Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It's a fierce market out there

So, it looks like someone has realised that a pretty-near-infinite market is tough. I've been listening to this podcast for ages and while I like its whimsical awful jokes and hearing some new blues, crucially, I don't find the show good enough to justify forking out money, or even buy any of the music I hear, which is pretty indifferent stuff for the most part.

I'm sorry, Murphy, but while I will miss the jokes and your po-faced, earnest, "progressive" political messages, I won't be missing them enough to stick my hand in my pocket. And it seems that most of Murphy's listeners feel the same way.

It's sad but it's true: just because someone likes your show enough to expend the effort of subscribing to it, downloading it and listening to it, doesn't mean they like it enough to pay for it. You'd have to raise your game a hell of a lot before I paid for it.

It's just a consequence of a nearly infinite supply of free podcasts. You have to be pretty damn good to make money out of it. I'm afraid the irresistible force of your progressive, Democrat-inspired sense of entitlement is running into the immovable object of the free market.

And your podcast is right in the middle.

It just isn't fair, is it?

I do actually hope that someone will step in and keep you going, but the reality of scarce funding and a load of podcasts to fund makes this incredibly unlikely.

Good luck and Godspeed, Murphy!

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