Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Spot the difference

I've had Tory loyalists tell me all kinds of shit about how David Cameron "can't frighten the horses", and how radically different his ideas really are when compared to Labour's tired shenanigans.

So I was amused to read this over at "Tory loyalist", Dizzy.

Well, at first, anyway.

But when you read the articles, it's abundantly clear that even at the detail level of where the money is going, there really isn't a hair's breadth of difference between the two schemes.

So will Tory tribalists please just stop spouting this bullshit about how much better iDave is and how different Tory policies are? And especially, stop fucking telling me that the Tories are the only way to achieve a more libertarian future. Your esteemed leader has a flagship policy which is identical to something that the fucking one-eyed madman tried on before.

On which planet does stealing money from people's bank accounts constitute fucking libertarianism?

The man is a cunt, and this iteration of the Tories is entirely undistinguishable from Labour and the LibDems. Something I've said since forever, and something which gets proven over and over again.


Anonymous said...

I think they said Robbertarian to be honest.

Peperbarmi said...

These Tory snobs are shameless cunts,I fucking bet their uppercrusty friends will be feeling the benefits of this theft, as per fucking usual,but what the fuck is anyone gonna do about it,fuck all thats what,the media will toe the line and us mug cunt public are so used to being shafted royaly up the waste pipe we wont even fucking notice...cunts!

The Grim Reaper said...

"The man [David Cameron] is a cunt..."

I'll agree with that.

Mitch said...

At least he ain't Gordon and for a little while at least that's enough.

naturalnoble said...

I have a dormant bank account with -£2.93 in. Will David Cameron steal that? I hope he does.

assegai mike said...

My precise thoughts too. All that bullshit before the election from tribalists about the only way to oppose EU/climate alarmism/state intrusion was to vote Tory and do it from within. Pie in the sky. Gordon could have stayed as far as I'm concerned. I'm beyond giving a fuck.

Mark Wadsworth said...


In today's news, the Tories decide that funding long term care for the elderly via extra inheritance tax (something which they campaigned against at the GE because it was a Labour policy ) might be a good idea after all.