Monday, 5 July 2010

Why David Cameron is getting a free ride ( for @tomharrismp and other #labour supporters)

Many people have commented upon how the new Prime Minister is getting a relatively free ride in the press and in the blogosphere, especially the right-wing blogosphere.

And as someone who dabbles on the very fringe of the right wing, I thought I'd share a thought or two with you, for what it's worth.

Firstly, let me hasten to assure you that I consider Cameron to be a mendacious, venal cunt with no connection to the reality of people who live outside the Westminster bubble. He is despised by the right wing for his statist, centrist, value-free, policy-free approach to politics.

But, and this is the crucial thing: he isn't Gordon Brown.

He might be a typical politician with all the cuntishness that this implies, but he isn't a fucking deranged lunatic who spouts tractor statistics all the time. He isn't a dysfunctional, sociopathic mong. He's not a blatant Stalinist knob jockey.

He isn't Gordon Brown.

And every time I write a polemic about how useless and how statist and illiberal and unpleasant he is, I think to my self: but at least he isn't Gordon Brown.

Every time I want to stick the knife into him, that thought checks me.

Now here is the crucial issue for Labour supporters: your party had three chances to ditch the useless one-eyed cunt of the manse, and on all three occasions, the current front-runner in the race bottled it. David Miliband is the one leadership contender who had three chances to staunch Gordon's complete evisceration of Labour and three times he hid behind his banana.

Ed Balls openly supported Gordon, he was Gordon's protegé, and that is really fair enough -- he openly had the courage of his convictions. But David Miliband was offered three chances on a plate to turn Labour's fortunes around and three times he ran away with his tail between his legs.

Do you really, really think that this man, who is responsible more than anyone else in the leadership contest for David Cameron's free ride, this serial coward, is the right man to lead your party?

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Billy Blofeld said...

Bang on.......

There is much to despise about the Con-Dems..... however as you point out they are not Gordon Brown.

I'm mentally scarred by the one-eyed-cunt. I hate to admit this but, every time I take a shit I still ritually curse the incompetent, lying fucking twat.

.....the mong was so fucking awful he permeated everything.