Friday, 17 September 2010

Hypocritical much?

I do probably have a bit more time for muckracker extraordinaire Guido Fawkes than some of my fellow libertarian bloggers. However, I did nearly shit my pants laughing at the idea that someone so happy to rake the muck on his foes might take umbrage at someone raking muck over his friends:

the metropolitan media have in recent weeks created a caricature of the Pope more visceral because it is framed as progressive and reasonable. It is little more than atheist bigotry dressed up in rationalist clothes.

Sure. Whereas your own muckracking is morally justified and pure.

Sorry Gweeds ... if you want to dish it out, you also have to suck it up.


Just Woke Up said...

Say ten Hail Guidos!

He can stand next to Baroness Warsi espousing the benefits of a sky pixie. Have you read his comments section? Took a bit of a kicking from his disciples too, the fucking hypocrit.

Did you see the shit Warsi was saying last night on the box? That is one jumped up little tart that needs a lesson in humility. This is the problem when you get these wild eyed religious nuts in a position of power.

Fuck em all!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where that youtube link that OH had up there is? It was censored during the course of the day.

If libertarians draw up a list of twunts in order of twuntishness, the catholics aren't at the top. They are a subset of cunts who resent those who don't believe in their fairy and expect us to help pay for their hobby.

I don't know why GF is kicking up such a stink but it will do his stats no harm. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

As for Warsi, she can lick my uncut knob whilst gently pressing her thumb on my fudge whistle as I read the Torah aloud and scoff on a bacon sarnie in my library, adorned with portraits of allah as far as I'm concerned.

Vladimir said...

My god, I agree with Guido. (He's still a massive hypocrite though.)

I'm sick of all this Pope bashing. It's like the fucking Two Minutes Hate, all these establishment Leftards lining up to denounce Emmanuel Goldstein. And it's nothing to do with the stated reasons and everything to do with the fact that they want to be the ones telling people what to think.

RantinRab said...

Being a West Central Scotland Rangers supporter it is my duty to say the following,

Fuck The Pope.

Anonymous said...

what do we have here ,unity of
pink panthers,aimless atheists and
secular sobbers.
All having a day of excitement away
from their normal daily vacuum.
Oh goody ,goody let all have a go
at some old German priest because,
come Monday we will all be back to
our daily morose meandering.

Daylight Fan

Mark Wadsworth said...


To be fair, Catholics in the UK are forced to pay for abortions, contraception via NHS and their taxes, so I see no harm in being a bit polite to their figurehead, and if it costs a few bob, so what?

The fact that Josef R is a complete Nazi and hypocrite does not stop him being a figure of respect for a large and law-abiding section of the population. It's the position that is respected, not the human being holding it from time to time.

None of this would apply to a visit by some Ayatollah or other, of course.