Sunday, 5 September 2010

It's always sweet ...

... watching someone who is suddenly out of government discovering what life is like for hoi polloi:

I had no idea up until this morning, when I was.informed that my racism has manifested itself in a particularly ugly act of race-oriented bigotry and vindictiveness: I have not made a financial contribution to Diane Abbott’s leadership campaign.

Really, Tom? Shucks, you know for years, lefty wibblers have been dropping this shit on us all the time, to the extent where calling someone a racist is now as meaningless as calling someone Tom. If we're not racist, then we're sexist, or disablist, or worst of all: "not progressive".

I'm thrilled to see that these little pinpricks of fatuity get under your skin. Welcome to the world you enthusiastically helped to create in your own Blairite way.

I do fully realise that it'll be far too much to expect you to remember all this shit when your lot take over next time, but while you're in misery about something else, I'm even happier.


JuliaM said...

Schadenfreude - it's what's for dinner.

And lunch. And breakfast...

Mitch said...

What kind of screwed up view of the world must you have to say that with a straight face?

Vladimir said...

Mr Harris's joking about racism doesn't fool anyone. How are we to know that he isn't a stealth racist, harbouring racist thoughts on an unconscious level? He might have subconsciously made up "legitimate" reasons for not supporting Abbott's leadership bid, he might even have fooled himself, but we all know his true thoughts on the matter. He must be a closet racist! After all, he's white.

Anonymous said...

Nice that the shoe is on the other foot.

I wish that Harris and his dysfunctional Labour tribe would get the fuck off my island.

The way the Scottish treat the English middle classes is like a mong slapping you when you give him an ice cream.

That he shows no contrition whatsoever that his government did nothing to help the people of his godawful constituency other than to feed them with even more of my money - shows just what a shallow excuse for a man he is.

Captain Haddock said...

Who actually gives a flying fuck what Tom Harris thinks about anything ?

Of what importance is Tom Harris ?

What is Tom Harris for anyway ?

Roger Thornhill said...

Mr Harris must realise that it is not even required for him to be racist, just that a third person observing DECIDES he is. No evidence. No proof. Just flat out opinion.

Mao would be impressed.