Friday, 10 September 2010

Sack the fucker!

Back in the heady days of the expenses scandal, I made an abortive attempt at examining the expenses of random MPs. I managed exactly, er, one. (OK, I also had a minor probe of Tom Harris, but I just don't have the staying power that I had when I was a teenager.)

However, I'm thrilled to see that the one fucking thieving trougher I did manage to scrape around has clearly been a very naughty boy:

Private detectives paid more than £5,000 by the justice minister tricked his aides into talking to them by claiming that they were journalists. His election agent and the honorary treasurer of Huntingdon Conservatives were among those questioned.

Quite apart from the questions he will face in Parliament over his behaviour, Mr Djanogly has some serious explaining to do to the constituency workers who were, until now, unaware that they had been the subjects of a covert investigation.

What a really nice bloke, eh? It's far too much to hope that the useless sack of shit will resign from his spot at the trough, but it's a fucking delight to watch the cunt squirm. I can't wait to see what his constituency make of this.

But of course, since it's one of the safest Tory seats, it's too much to hope that they'll kick the fucker out next time. Isn't democracy wonderful?


Guthrum said...

I have posted on this today, what the hell has changed since May - exactly nothing.

Same crap, same useless and venal political class

Fenrir said...

We can only hope that his constituency will act to deselect him when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Mark Wadsworth said...

The real fun will start when it turns out he's also been using taxpayers' money to employ private detectives to find out how it happened that the story about him employing private detectives to find out who had leaked expenses details to the Telegraph etc etc.

At which stage it will no longer be clear on what level of reality he is operating.

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned in a tweet my wife used to go out with jewugli when they were at oxford polytechnic ( I bet he says he went to Oxford Brookes University now ).

Apart from being a lousy fuck he also used to wash his hands and dick immediately after sex :-)