Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Won't somebody think of the children?

All this talk about cuts really makes me laugh. Last week it was all about the children and the fact that Osborne's plan for means-testing appears to have been drafted by an innumerate, illiterate, demented fuckwit with the common sense of a rabid vole.

This week, it's been all about the spazzers, flids, spackers, crips and mongtards. Apparently, they're going to be savaged and people are up in arms.

But as usual, the discussions with the clitterati have been an exercise in futility. "The state should provide more!" "Tax the bankers more!" "Why should the disabled suffer while the bankers get bailed out?"

And everyone's talking about the "savagery" of the cuts. And who knows, they may actually be savage -- as far as the ostensible beneficiaries are concerned.

But the reality of it is that the state's spending on non-jobs, on quangos, on other absolute cuntery grows apace. The nett effect of these "cuts" will not actually be to reduce the state in any way, shape or form, all that will happen is that the rate of growth of the state will not be quite as much under the Tories, it will still be growing all the time.

Quite often I get chastised as "uncaring" by asking for the state to be starved. "Think of the children / crips / flids / whatever! They'll all be left to die on the street without tax! British people are proud to be a caring society."

The last statement really did make me laugh. If British people are so caring, why do you believe that they need to have the threat of prison levelled against them before they'll actually fund all this care? If I am so uncaring, why do I believe that people will not need to be threatened with prison to take care of the needy?

Anyway: the government may be cutting what it gives us back in exchange for the money it extorts with menaces, but it's not actually cutting back on the money it spends. So it's taking more and giving less back, which can only mean that either the state is growing despite delivering less or that it's pissing away money with even less care than usual.

And yet, the very same people who are bitching about the cuts to "front line services" are the exact same fucking people who want everyone else to give more money to the government so that "front line services" can be "protected".

I have a better idea: fuck the state, fuck the government. Let people spend their own money on what they want. I bet that nobody will fucking starve.


JuliaM said...

"But the reality of it is that the state's spending on non-jobs, on quangos, on other absolute cuntery grows apace."

Spot on! In my local paper, news that the local health authority is going to be spending like a drunken sailor on getting 'health advisers' into primary schools to warn of the consequences of alcohol abuse.

Cuts? What cuts?

microdave said...

"I bet that nobody will fucking starve."

The public servants on gold plated pensions might (hopefully):

Michael Fowke said...

"all about the spazzers, flids, spackers, crips and mongtards."

The Crips? Aren't they a gang in LA? What have they got to do with it?

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Crips? I like crips. Smokey bacon are my favourite, but at a pinch I'll take cheese and onion.

Sperm Lewis said...

Here it is: the provisional wing of Mumsnet.

Set up in 1994 to 'raise awareness'. Awareness of:

ve chiiiiiiiiiildren !!!

Stick your fist in your mouth and chunder through your nose.

Anonymous said...

what about these cunts? No announcement that theya re going to be disbanded. What a waste of fucking money.

Kingbingo said...

"All this talk about cuts really makes me laugh."

Spot on. Why even use the word 'cut', that's labour definition of 'cut' when spending grows less fast than inflation.

Come on Osborne grow some balls and actually cut.

Budvar said...

There's a case for disability benefits for genuinely disabled as opposed to extending it to the feckless.

There was a place for those a bit mentally challenged sweeping roads or emptying bins. Back in the day when bin men had to carry metal dustbins from your back yard full of wet ashes etc, had a job they could live on.

Now the pay and conditions are so good they don't have to lift a finger if your bin isn't out at the side of the road/over filled/cardboard box you just had a new cooker delivered in/or any reason they just can't be arsed with, the remedial don't get a look in now as half the lazy cunts have a degree in general/social/media studies.

I say make the cunts work, ie do the job they're paid to do and non of this knocking off at dinner time and being paid til 4pm bollox they do now.

That should open up a few vacancies.