Tuesday, 19 October 2010

DHL Cuntstains

So, you ringmeat fucktards, why did I bother to fill in your alternative delivery fucking instructions if you weren't actually going to read them?

Mongoloid fucking arsebiscuits!


Oleuanna said...

Oh dear gawd do you ever stop fucking whinging? You .... Little.......old........man


Anonymous said...

Best way to start the day! Strong cuppa coffee, some toast with raspberry jam.......and a faceful of clown bile. :)

SimonF said...

I know who you are, you're my wife in disguise.

Yesterday we had one of the DHL cards rough the door so she arranged for delivery Wednesday because we wanted to go out today. She then go an email saying it was going to be delivered today, so here we are sat waiting for the bastards.

So own up, missus, you've hijacked the clown's blog.

Ed P said...

If you think DHL are bad, try City Link (Known by most as Shitty Link) - their delivery drivers cannot even read!

Pissed Off Old Git said...

Nice to have you back, cunt.
Agree about DHL. FedEx is no better - sent a letter to St Maarten, which was(then) part of the Netherlands Antilles, which my wife helpfully put on the letter. Fuck me if the letter didn't bounce (thrice!) between their sorting office (Texas?) and Den Haag. "'Netherlands' - that's somewhere in Yurp, ain't it?" You're too kind to them.

tomandclaire said...

My daughter sent me a parcel addressed to me in Crete, Greece.Parcel arrived 3 months later after having been to America.
Good old Post Office.

Welshblogger said...

You should try and get a passport delivered!

Had to renew mine and missed the delivery as I was in work, they did not even leave a card, had a letter about 5 days later telling me they missed me and to go on to the website to arrange delivery.

Now, on the website it gives you an option to deliver to an alternative address, so did this like a good boy and requested it go to my office. Had a call a day later to tell me they could not deliver there (This is a big building in the middle of Cardiff). SO asked them to deliver it to my home a week later on a Saturday when I would be there.

Now fast forward a few days and i realise I would not be there so called up to re-arrange again and was asked 'We can deliver it to work if you would like' Grrrrrrrrrrr

By the most worrying thing is that on the website they tell you that when they deliver any package they will take a picture of the building for security reasons WTF!!!