Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Moron democracy (for @davidangell )

In simple steps:

1. The Krays extorted money and used violence against people.
2. The Krays also did a lot of good things, or used the PR campaign that they did some good things with the money they extorted.
3. The Krays decided entirely unaccountably what "good things" they would spend the money they extorted on, and also who they would use violence against.
4. Governments extort money and use violence against people.
5. Governments also do a lot of good things, or us the PR campaign that they do some good things with the money they extort.
6. Governments decide entirely unaccountably what "good things" they spend the money they extort on, and also who they use violence against.

The difference between the Krays and the government is the fig leaf of democracy.

Democracy may change the politician figureheads, but it doesn't change the government. Notice how many ludicrous "Labour" policies are suddenly adopted by the coalition. Notice how the tenor of government has not changed, despite a "completely different" set of parties in power.

The personalities are different, but underneath, nothing is changing. The only differences are that different tribal idiots are now protesting the behaviour of the government (which they should be applauding, because it's the exact same policies their party wanted) while the other set of tribal idiots applauds the same stupid policies because their tribe is now implementing them.

Despite "cuts", the government continues to spend more and more money, and we continue to get less and less in return.

But useful idiots continue to trumpet democracy as the saviour of society, when in reality it is merely the thing which excuses thuggery.


nbc said...


You're now immortalised in tattoo form.

wv: fanzingi

Michael Fowke said...

I think the different parties only pretend to oppose each other to keep democracy looking respectable. But it's all one big con.

Just Woke Up said...

Well said!

We need a Veterinari.

Anonymous said...

the walrus and the carpenter
lewis carroll

Richard said...

Excellent post, and shamelessly nicked. Well, quoted and linked to, anyway.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Or, as I put it earlier, "democracy, as practised today, is a system the very foundation of which is the legitimisation of the majority's oppression of the minority."


Peter Risdon said...

Some company for you, Obo, DK and others - another person who thinks democracy is wrong because it fails to introduce the policies they'd like to see.

The right answer, I think, is to demand constitutional (ie limited) government, but insist it be democratic.