Sunday, 26 December 2010

No, no, no!

Meet the new cunts, indistinguishable from the old cunts (emphasis mine):

The Identity Card Scheme and other biometrics work has already cost the taxpayer £292 million. The Act has saved £835 million in planned future investment.

No, you fucking cunts. An investment is spending you make in the hope of future benefits. Here is the definition, for any cunting civil servant who may want to learn that English words already have meanings, so stop fucking destroying our language with bureaucratic bollocks-speak!

There are no fucking benefits to pissing our money away on ID cards. This is more fucking civil servant distortion of the English language to provide cover of useless, inept, wasteful government profligacy.

And it wasn't this government that "invested" the money. So it's perfectly ok to describe it as "spending" or even "pissing away taxpayers' hard-earned on corporatist crap".

Unless, of course, the people who rule us, who's reputation needs salving, are not the useless motherfuckers we elect.


rob bollixed said...

"Elect"? That implies we live in a Democracy.

Here's an interesting one. I wrote to my MP asking if we have a constitutional and sovereign monarch. Being a Labour drone she has "passed this to the Minister for an answer". my MP (who swore an oath of office to the Queen btw) doesn't know if we have one any more, or whether Her Maj is now simply Mrs Windsor, the EU citizen. I wonder if she's ever heard of treason?

I know what the answer is. Its a TREASONOUS fabian scam designed to make us believe nothing has changed while the EU, UN and fuck knows who else subverts and takes over the UK government. Let's see if 'the Minister' is honest enough to admit the truth....

Woodsy42 said...

"The Act has saved £835 million in planned future investment."

Maybe they are simply reporting what they see - IE there are plans for some as yet unannounced scheme that will utilise the work already done. You don't need people to carry a bit of plastic card in order to maintain a database about them!

microdave said...

@ Woodsy42 - that's pretty much what the NO2ID campaign are fearing. Have a read here:

If that bloody great link doesn't work, try this:

JJ said...

I thought you fucked off!

James Higham said...

They are forever trying it on, they never rest, never sleep, keep on and on, in the hope of wearing us down or sending us apoplectic.

Lola said...

Yes. Quite. '1984' is a caution, not a manual. 'Newspeak' is here.

You might like this:

Sheila said...

You should see what they're up to in Scotland. I've been banging on about all this for ages:

These isssues have recently been given a much needed airing by respected journalist Kenneth Roy and Subrosa on her excellent blog.

I've put all the recent coverage on this thread:

A lot of time and money has gone in to spinning the myth that Scotland is a wonderful example of privacy friendliness. The reality couldn't be further from the truth.

Why all this effort? All myself and others can come up with is that "the Scottish eCare/Girfec system", which makes Contactpoint and the NIR look positively benign, is destined for further roll out.