Thursday 27 June 2013

Can someone please enlighten me?

Right, so as far as I can ascertain, lefties are frothing about the expulsion of Trenton Oldfield, while being horrified that the EDL's Tommy Robinson remains in the country.

Trenton Oldfield is apparently proud of the fact that 500,000 people googled "elitism" after his fucking up something that two teams of people had trained pretty much their whole lives for.

I can therefor only assume that as soon as Tommy Robinson starts drawing attention to Islamic "religious elitism", lefties will be queueing up to beg him to bomb mosques.

Seriously, what is this fucking bullshit? Why is it OK for Trenton Oldfield to "draw attention" to the "damage" that "elitism" is doing to the country, while Tommy Robinson is hated for "drawing attention" to the "damage" that "Islam" is doing to the country?

It's perfectly feasible to argue that both have benefits and both have drawbacks. But picking on one is fine, picking on the other is the ultimate thoughtcrime.

Arguably, you have less control about which social circle you're born into that which religion you choose to follow.

Picking on someone because they're born black is disgusting and shameful. Picking on someone because they were born gay is hateful and cruel. Picking on someone because they were born rich is ... fine?

Can someone please clarify for me why being born in the "person of colour" group is a reason for veneration, being born in the "alternate sexuality" group means you're great, but being born "rich" means you're an unspeakable cunt and there's no reason to give you the same respect you'd give anyone else?

And can someone please explain why people who are all fans of Richard Dawkins (or even Richard Dawkins himself) can rip the shit out of Christianity (which is a load of bollocks perpetuated by fallible misogynist cunts) but not Islam (which is a load of bollocks perpetuated by fallible misogynist cunts)?

Surely they're all deserving of respect or none of them are deserving of respect?


Adam said...

Oh, I think you'll find Richard Dawkins is perfectly capable of ripping the shit out of Islam.

Here's a little example of the sort of things he says about it:

Anonymous said...


I think the point it was that the leftards would attack Dawkins for criticizing Islam, in the name of "Tolerance" or whatever, not that he actually didn't attack Islam.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Fair enough. I agree that Islam should get its fair of shit. All belief in god/s is absurd and contradictory. Makes no difference whether you call it El, Jahweh, Allah, Thunnor or Zeus. All deserve the to be treated with intellectual contempt. The restraint expressed by Dawkins and the ilk is probably due to the fact that if he 'diss's' Islam he is likely to get his head cut. We are talking about a religion where it's adherents recently killed 3 woman for dancing and posting it on youtube. Forshame.

Sepultura78 said...

Many self-appointed leftys are fueled by envy. They denigrate the rich and zealously yammer on about "elitism" because they begrudge the fat, inflated bank accounts, some "posh bastards" have. From the salubrious victorian townhouses, to the private education their "posh brats" receive, it throws them into a frothing tail spin.

Envy dressed up as altruism..

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how leftist preach about a "classless society", yet they create a new, protected, special interest group at the drop of a hat.

They are creating the very 'class separation' they are fighting against. There cant be 'Equal Rights' until every individual has the same rights, same protections, and same privileges as every other member of society.

To 'equalize' any system of things which are 'unequal', a DIFFERENT amount of force must be applied to the separate parts. It's just common sense.

Unknown said...

Rubbish Sepultura. Lefties are not about amassing wealth, liberal basic principles are about sharing wealth.
The reason fanatical Islam isn't attacked is the fear of violent retribution.

Anonymous said...

I think you're rather confused on this one. Sorry.

1. Oldfield was educated at Sydney Church of England Grammar School, one of Australia's leading and most exclusive private schools and then the London School of Economics so you could hardly accuse him of envy.

2. From the Torygraph: " Danny Morley, representing the Home Office, had told the court that Mr Oldfield had flouted Britain's laws to launch what was a dangerous protest.

He said: "The appellant, in an act of utter contempt for the law, abused his right to protest in a very public way, he endangered himself and other in the process.

"The whole nation saw this and there is a need to be firm against this type of behaviour." "

That's laughable and I'm stunned that a libertarian would endorse such words

3. Tommy Robinson is as much of a fucking cunt as those fucking cunts in ISIS. To suggest there is some kind of equivalence between him and Oldfield is ridiculous