Thursday 21 August 2008

Utterly depressing

These two are, as far as I can tell, actual police officers:

That is a pretty shocking indictment of the training and knowledge of these two incompetents.

These two are plastic policemen:

Watch this one to the end and see if you can suss out why he got harrassed.

It's a fucking disgrace. And they wonder why people don't respect them and support them.

Hat tip to the Bearded Clam.

Update: Can it go downhill from there? Well, yes.


Snowolf said...

What the fucking, fuckety, fuck is going on?

It's not just the fact that our police (or 'police') don't know the law. How can they be expected to keep up with them when a new crime is added to the statute every three minutes.

It isn't just the hysteria whipped up by vote grubbing politicians to enrage a servile, cattle-like public.

It is the rudeness of the cunts who are put in these uniforms. I'm amazed that when the two PCs realised they'd dropped a bollock they didn't have the decency to say 'Sorry, sir, we were mistaken. We apologise for any inconvenience' They just fucked off, with a look that said 'Watch it son, we'll get you for something.'

As for the PCSO; Shut Up? What? Who the hell is he to be talking to a member of the public like that?

I blogged a little while ago about a guy that was nicked after taking a photo of a police car that had been parked in a bus lane and asked at the time about the death of the Peelian Principles.

I am almost, almost at a loss for words.

Anonymous said...

The first video was shocking.

I am a law abiding etc etc citizen but I would have difficultly restraining myself if faced with the attitude and demeanour of those two "officers".

An apology from the "officers" was the very least the filmmaker deserved.

Probably naively, I would like to think someone of more senior rank would have been made aware of this incident and apologised formally to the man.

An absolute disgrace.

Dare I watch the third video?!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

The link is not to a video, but to a shocking tale of police incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Slouching, stupid, ignorant, arrogant bastards. They thought they saw an easy target for an arrest and conviction, even though they didn't have a fucking clue about the law.

This is not the behaviour of people who consider themselves as servants of the people, but their masters.

Anonymous said...

In the police force I served in (not in this country) one of the most serious disciplinary offences was:

Conduct calculated to bring the public service into disrepute.

Both those "officers" committed that offence several times in the video, starting with the hands in the pockets of the bolshy female. Their demeanour and ignorance of the law are absolutely staggering.

Neither of them wear hats or caps and the current police "uniform" is aggressive and para-military. I think it contributes to the aggressive, unfriendly and impolite demeanour seen demonstrated by so many police officers today.

Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. Those officers should be ashamed of themselves, their supervisors should be ashamed, their Chief Constable should be ashamed. The Home Office should be ashamed and Jacqui Smith, the well known home economics teacher, should resign.

Anonymous said...

Incompetent? Certainly.
Mind you, they showed remarkable self-control not kicking the shite out of the whingeing brummie cunt.